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Rust Bullet is the Premium Coating Solution for Asset Protection

  • Roller Marks in the Finish of my Concrete Coating?

    Seeing roller marks in your finished Rust Bullet Concrete Coating? This is why...

    Roller marks sure are unsightly! But what causes them? There are a few reasons that can cause roller marks, such as the surface may be too hot or the concrete is extremely porous, etc. However, with Rust Bullet Concrete Coating, roller marks are generally caused from uneven coverage.

    When applying Rust Bullet Concrete Coating, coverage must be even through out. Many time, people will try to "stretch" the product. We understand that logic, Rust Bullet is not cheap. Nonetheless, if the coating is not applied correctly, is uneven, or has been "stretched", this may reduce the life and integrity.   Using less material than recommended or the concrete may be more porous than what has been determined.  The theoretical coverage per gallon is approximately 350- 400 Sq. Ft / gallon is and does not account for loss or waste. If the concrete is porous, or has been ground, the coverage is reduced, hence the range of coverage.

    Roller Marks are a sign of uneven coverage of a concrete coating Roller Marks - A sign of uneven coverage

    When applying Rust Bullet Concrete Coating with a roller, do small sections at a time, close to a 4x4 area. Back and forth (or a W pattern), with a medium amount of pressure on the roller. We recommend a 3/8" nap roller. Microfiber rollers work great, but do not use a foam roller. When dipping the roller in to the pan with the paint, you don’t want to get too much paint onto the roller, as it will slide during application, opposed to coating.  However, the roller surface should be covered with the concrete coating. You will be able to feel sliding versus coating. Multiple, thin even coats are best. Dip the roller into the pan several times to keep a wet edge. As soon as you start to feel the roller drying, cover the roller with more coating. Visually you will also be able to see the coating thinning out on the surface, as the concrete coating transfers to the floor.  While rolling each section, watch the previously coated sections for those roller marks. If they start to appear, take the roller, without adding more paint, and very lightly roll over the coated surface without any pressure to even the film out. It’s like they magically disappear.

    There can be several reasons roller marks appear, but with Rust Bullet for Concrete,  the roller marks generally appear because the coating is not even, from one roll to the next.

    Other possibilities can include:

    • Application of additional Rust Bullet or re-rolling in areas where the Rust Bullet has partially dried. (Always paint from wet to dry mall sections to keep a wet edge.)

    • "Working" (e.g. applying too rapidly or for too long) Rust Bullet too much during application.

    • Applying too thin of film.

    • Painting a hot surface or in direct sunlight.

    • Coating an extremely porous surface.

    When applying to your concrete floor, take your time. Don't rush the process. Below is a short video that will help.

    If you have any questions about this, please dont hesitate to contact us! 

  • POR 15 - Losing Steam

    Why is Rust Bullet better than POR 15, you ask?

    Does the mere sight of rust on your favorite car make you gloomy? Well, rust has a notorious reputation for finding its way onto your car. However, don't be depressed. Rust prevention has become a major focus area for the purpose of increasing the longevity of your car. With the use of advanced coating systems like Rust Bullet you don't have to depend on so called rust paints still using the old technology such as POR 15 anymore!

    Rust formation is a very simple process and goes on even while you are driving your car! Unfortunately the corrosion affects, surface only after a period of time, and when it does it can make your car not only look really ugly but unsafe as well. That's why there is a need for understanding the exact nature of this basic process to stop rust formation. Products like POR 15 use the old technology, rust conversion with rust inhibiting chemicals added can do this only at a superficial level and prove to be ineffective.

    POR 15 provides only a superficial coating to protect the rusted surface on your car. It is incapable of penetrating the metal surface and does not interact with the rust at the root level. The product only provides a temporary solution form the problem of rust and is losing ground to advanced coating systems such as Rust Bullet.

    Race Car Restoration- Before Rust Bullet Race Car Restoration- Before Rust Bullet

    Rust Bullet’s technology is a new way to protect metal. It uses cutting edge technology, and has been awarded two US Patents for one product by the U.S.P.T.O. This is the first time two Patents have been awarded to one product in the existence of the US Patent Office. The first patent covers the formulation for protecting rusty surfaces from corrosion while the second one is concerned with the method for protecting corrosion on land or at sea.

    Unlike POR 15, Rust Bullets unique formula contains patented ingredients that react with the resin and rust to form a metallic like shield that kills off the corrosion agents. This ensures a better rust prevention system, and with proper application is guaranteed for 10 years. Rust Bullet provides longevity lowering the cost of maintenance, as compared to POR 15. And, Rust Bullet Coating are UV RESISTANT!

    after Rust Bullet instead of the non UV Stable POR 15 After Rust Bullet

    Rust Bullet is also very easy to use and can be simply rolled or brushed on the surface. It requires little or no penetration. Rust Bullet is designed to apply directly onto rusted surfaces, this allows the unique chemical action to take place which dehydrates the rust and kills the corrosion process. This unique formula contains patented ingredients that react with the resin and rust to form a metallic like shield that kills off the corrosion agents. And even a top coat is not necessary unless you wanted to change the color. The product contains no Lead, zinc, chromates or other volatile organic compounds (VOC) and is not dangerous to the environment as well.

    Rust Bullet’s technology uses a new way to protect metal; it kills and prevents rust from forming. Their website provides detailed information on rust protection and extensive testing results for all their rust killing products.

  • What Makes a Good Floor Coating?

    Choosing  a Floor Coating that is Right for You

    Most garage concrete floors undergo extreme harsh chemical conditions and denudation by various environmental agents. This exposure is a point of concern and needs to be dealt with proactively.  An armor like protection is needed to shield the floor from these harsh abrasive conditions. A premium long lasting concrete floor coating would be the best solution for protection and floor repair. The solution would be to form a layer atop the concrete to protect the floor from these chemicals.  

    Floor Coating Rust Bullet for Concrete - with Decorative Flake

    Deterioration can be very distressing and can cost a lot in floor repairs when the floor is neglected. Due to the increasing problems of deterioration, floor repair is taken very seriously these days and Rust Bullet is increasingly becoming a household solution for many people as the perfect concrete or floor coating. It's very painful to see your beautiful and well-furnished floors being damaged because of the harsh chemical reactions from every day usage. The point is that it's happening and needs to be dealt with immediately by applying a quality lasting concrete coating. So how can you prevent it?  

    Waterproofing is recommended for it, but how long can this alone serve the purpose? Sometimes people use carpets or mats to hide it. But brushing it under the carpet is no solution, as it can create more problems in the long run and can cause heavy financial losses. So some immediate measures need to be taken.  

    For this, Rust Bullet offers an easy way out. It is not only ideal for rust corrosion prevention, but also is also excellent as a long lasting concrete floor coating. It is an ideal solution to deal with the problem of concrete deterioration. It is easy to apply and a great solution for most any kind of concrete flooring. This armor tough product is perfect for all kinds of floors and prevents deterioration, water logging, dusting, all without any hot tire pick up!

    It is an easy-to-apply solution and needs little preparation. And it is not a solution just for the time being, it is a long-term remedy for your problem. When properly applied to your concrete floor Rust Bullet is guaranteed for 5 years. Who else can say that? It is high in performance and low in cost, which makes it an ideal choice. It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, so it's perfect for all kind of floors. It is something that really works and gives you the desired results. So Rust Bullet is recommended to protect your floors from harsh chemicals and extreme environmental factors.

    Summary: Floors lose their beauty and strength because of the extreme conditions they have to undergo. For this, a floor coating is required. Floor coatings like Rust Bullet for Concrete, give chemical resistance coatings to all types of concrete flooring. Click here for more information on Rust Bullet for Concrete.

  • Metal Rust Remover - Top 3 Techniques to Treat Rust!

    Which rust remover technique is the one for me?

    Modern day industries continue to face a big threat in the name of rust and corrosion. Such threats can be best negated by seeking help in the form of an industrial coating which is still the best rust remover measure in today's world. However, many companies use different types of rust remover solutions in their industrial plants in the attempt to keep rust problems at bay. Primarily, there are two key factors that determine the efficiency of a rust remover. They are- the degree of its effectiveness and the duration of which its effect will last. However, there are a couple alternate ways too that are known to serve the purpose effectively. Let us discuss them in detail.

    New Delhi Metro Cooling Towers - Coated with Rust Bullet Rust Inhibitor New Delhi Metro Cooling Towers - Coated with Rust Bullet Rust Inhibitor

    Manual Rust Treatment

    This is one of the most common forms of removing rust, a treatment used in today’s industrial plants and industries. Precisely speaking, manual rust treatment involves only three steps in the entire process. The first step is to clean the rusted item. It is followed by scrub cleaning of the surface using mechanical or grinders, or by hand, then wiping the surface clean. The third step is to apply an ordinary paint to avoid rust reformation.

    However, this type of rust removing treatment is not feasible for modern day industries considering the ever expanding sizes of the plants. As it is clear by name, this treatment involves active participation of labor. So the greater size of the plant the greater amount of labor is involved.

    Rust Remover Coatings

    Rust Remover Coatings

    This is by far the most effective and most preferred rust removal technique used in modern-day times. Here, you just need to determine the level of rust and corrosion on a particular substrate. After determination, you then can know which type of rust remover fits your bill. Of course, you always have the option to choose the best from the latest multi metal rust remover brands available in the market. The best rust removers, or inhibitors act as a powder coating solution without involving the cost of powder coating.


    Electrolysis is a rust treatment technique that involves usage of electricity and washing soda. Of all three techniques mentioned here, electrolysis is the most scientific way of removing rust. However, at the same time it is also quite complicated to perform. But choosing this technique makes perfect sense, purely because of the sheer benefit it provides to users.

    All three above-mentioned rust removal techniques are equally result-oriented. Now it's up to you to decide which one fits your bill in the best way.

    Rust Bullet is a leading manufacturer of industrial rust remover coatings. For more details log onto -  It Kills Rust!

  • Why You Need to Stop Rust

    How Can Rust Bullet Help to Stop Rust?

    Applying Rust Bullet to Fertilizer Tanks to Stop Rust Applying Rust Bullet to Fertilizer Tanks - North Korea

    Wet environments, corrosive chemicals, fertilizers and non-neutral soils are breading grounds for the cancer of steel. It is important to learn of the cause and how to stop rust. Corrosion of metals is responsible for great financial loss and causes irrevocable damage to equipment, vehicles, buildings, etc.

    There are many rust prevention products available in the market, but most of them are of sub-standard quality. Most rust encapsulates or rust converters are also not effective enough. These types of rust paints on the market can slow down the process, but after a short time, they wear or flake away and the problem returns.

    Rust Bullet can help you prevent and stop rust for good. It is a one-step, multiple coat,  rust inhibitor coating. It may be applied over rusty or clean metal to control corrosion. The best part is this can be done without the need for rust removal. It may be applied with a brush, roller or spray equipment. It requires little or no preparation and no topcoat is necessary. It is highly effective rust preventive coating. This rust inhibitor has proven itself to be the superior choice for controlling rust and corrosion. It has been demonstrated in the scientific research testing.

    Rust Bullet is very easy to apply, and is guaranteed to last 10 years. Rust Bullet contains no zinc, no chromates, no acids, no heavy metals and complies with Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) limits regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the more stringent regulations of the State of California.

    When Rust Bullet is applied on corroded metal, it does not form a film immediately. First, it penetrates to the porous surface and then intertwines the rust and coating.  Rust Bullet has received two patents from the United States Patent Office (USPTO) on its two new rust remover technologies. For the first time the USPTO had issued two patents on one corrosion control product.

    Rust Bullet was originally invented by a Los Angeles inventor to protect U.S. Air Force jet wingtips from abrasion during flight. Phenomenal results for rust prevention have been achieved after years of refinement and testing. Rust Bullet, LLC was granted the exclusive rights to the product and was extensively before bringing to market.

    Rust Bullet is popular worldwide for its rust paint. It has customers in more than 25 countries. You can check out all Rust Bullet Products by following this link.

  • Prevent Rust on Your Car for These Critical Reasons

    Why should I take action to prevent rust on my car?

    The Rust Bullet Bug This entire 73 VW Bug has been protected with Rust Bullet, preventing rust and deterioration.

    Cars are beloved by many consumers and often create a deep attachment. After all, we nickname our cars, clean them regularly, and strive to maintain quality.  But what happens when you car starts to age and degrade? Rust is one of the leading causes of cars being sold and the price of vehicles dwindling. Aging is inevitable, but you can definitely prevent rust from happening. Why should you be concerned about rust and your vehicle? Learn why choosing a rust inhibitor for cars can be one of the smartest decisions an owner can make.

    Increase Longevity & Reliability Rust oxidation attacks to core components of nearly every vehicle: iron and steel. Water attaches itself to the metal and causes an oxidation process that slowly, but surely creates a sheen of rust that can make its way to the core of the vehicle. Over time this breakdown will weaken the structure of the vehicle, making it dangerous to drive. Applying an automotive rust inhibitor can help reduce water reaching the pores of your car’s iron and steel and extend the longevity and reliability of your vehicle.

    Protect Classic Cars They don’t make them like they used to anymore. We have all heard the phrase, but it is actually true with classic and antique cars. Older vehicles were built with more metal and have more parts that can be weakened and tainted by rust oxidation. This can not only drop the value of your classic car, but make it unsafe to drive. Many collectors only wish to install parts from the time period and finding these correct parts is becoming increasingly rare. You must take action to prevent rust from happening, or stop it immediately. Be sure that your classic will be cool and sexy for years to come by applying a rust inhibitor to all your metal surfaces.

    Visual Appeal Reduced Setting aside the danger of structural rust, oxidation is visually unappealing. Even minuscule surface rust can be seen by the untrained eye and bring down the value of your vehicle. Keep your ride shining by applying a rust inhibitor proactively.

    Reduce Maintenance Costs Being proactive in car maintenance can save you thousands of dollars down the road. When you are considering what to maintain continuously, rust prevention should be at the top of the list. Be proactive and apply a coat of automotive rust inhibitor before rust appears and extend the life of your car without oxidation issues.

    Begin Your Rust Elimination Today Rust Bullet offers the best automotive rust inhibitor on the market. Unlike other coatings, Rust Bullet provides strong protection with a thin coating, making Rust Bullet unrecognizable on your ride.  Pick up your automotive rust inhibitor from Rust Bullet today!

  • Reasons to protect with Rust Inhibitor Paint

    Simple Ways to Keep Rust at Bay with a Rust Inhibitor

    Transnet Crane coated with Rust Bullet Rust Inhibitor - South Africa Transnet Crane coated with Rust Bullet Rust Inhibitor - South Africa

    When purchasing property, cars, boats or other toys, owners want to ensure that their purchase will stand against the test of time. One of the biggest triggers of aging and value reduction is rust. Through an oxidation process, rust forms on top of steel and iron. These are some of the core elements of homes, cars, trucks and more. The rust weakens the structure and causes parts to break down and lose their value. That's were a good rust inhibitor comes in.

    One of the best ways to cease and eliminate the oxidation process is to apply a coating to protect your important items from the climate that quickens the process. Using a rust inhibitor paint can easily protect your valuables for years to come at an affordable cost. But why and how does this happen? Here are the reasons you should be prepping your valuables with a rust inhibitor paint.

    Moisture Reduction The leading cause of rust is the appearance of moisture. No matter what surface, rust begins with excess moisture on metal surfaces. Preventing moisture from touching the true surface you wish to protect is essential to stopping rust oxidation for years to come. This is where a rust inhibitor paint comes into play. Applying this paint to your products can help prevent moisture and excess climate from inundating the surface pores. When applied correctly, rust inhibitor paints causes moisture to bounce and slide of the surface keeping the pores dry and oxidation free.

    Cease Growing Rust If your product has been attacked by oxidation, applying a rust inhibitor paint can still be very beneficial. Once you apply other reduction elements, adding a sealant like rust inhibitor paint can help prevent new and future rust for years to come. Existing oxidation has less of a chance to breath and grow, ceasing or slowing the rust process. By applying a simple coating, you are able to extend and improve the longevity of your needed products.

    Maintain Structure Integrity Rust doesn’t just show up on recreational property. Homes and garages often contain a large amount of steel and iron products. Your home is one of the most important things that you own. Protect and maintain your vital property by applying a rust inhibitor coating to pipes, scaffolding, beams and framing. This will ensure that your high-dollar property will stand the test of time without causing danger to family and maintaining value

    These are just a few of the great reasons to consider when applying a strong, reliable coating that can save money, time and labor for years to come. Learn more about our rust products here!

  • Coating Holidays and Pinholes

    Periodically, a customer will have a problem with “rust spotting” or “rust rashing.”  According to Fitz’s Atlas of Coating Defects, this is when individual spots of rust appear on a paint film and frequently start as localized spotting but rapidly increase in density.

    One root cause of this is a “coating holiday.”   This can happen when low film thickness (relative to the surface profile) or holidays are present.    This article explains these conditions really well.

    It also discusses pinholes as a cause of this defect.    We are often asked why a second coat of Rust Bullet Standard or Rust Bullet Automotive is required.   Without a second coat, the pinholes created by the rust dehydration and solvent gassing would leave avenues for moisture to get at the substrate.

  • Importance of Surface Preparation for Rust Repair

    Peace River Dam - BC Canada Runner rust repair Peace River Dam - BC Canada Runner

    Rust Bullet:  The New Adventure in Surface Prep and Rust Repair

    Rust results from the redox reaction that occur between objects made from iron (including its alloys) and oxygen in the presence of water. When rust occurs, surfaces becomes friable and crumbly and consequently do not provide protection to the iron beneath. Hence, the application of paint is an ideal way of isolating the iron away from the environment. Before any rust repair can happen, or paint can be applied on any surface, proper preparation ought to be carried out because improperly prepared surfaces can reduce the life span of the coating and will affect the adhesion of the coating.

    Typically, a good surface preparation involves:

    • Ensuring that the surface to be coated is completely dry.
    • Removal of dirt, oil, rusts, peeling paints and every other contamination is essential to achieving good coating adhesion.
    • Surface cleanliness is compulsory in order to achieve the desired result.
    • Avoid carrying out painting after rainfall and during high temperatures. Most coatings are now formulated for low temperature use.

    An easy way to remember are the 5 P’s of surface prep. This stands for Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. This is true for any rust paint or rust coating.

    A variety of products have been introduced to solve the problem of rust but there has been different challenges experienced during the use of these products and these include - complication during application, short life span, complex working conditions and they require rust to be removed before application.

    Rust Bullet Rust Inhibitive Coatings makes the ultimate difference in these areas. Our products are easy to apply and requires little or no surface preparation before coating. Also, it is essential to make sure surfaces are clean before application of paints but with Rust Bullet, this is minimal as our paints can be applied directly over surface rust or clean surfaces. Rust Bullet is eco-friendly and easy to use. Our products are effective in rust/corrosion control on both clean metal and rusty metals. With superior adhesive property, our products can be applied on a variety of substrates including metal, concrete, fiberglass, wood, and other substrates.

    So have you been worried about how best to deal with surface rust? Rust Bullet is the solution you have been looking for as it is resistant to UV, harsh weather condition, scratch and chemicals. And, here's the best part, you can paint directly of surface rust! Yup, that's right, we said it. Paint directly over surface rust!!! Its the perfect solution for rust repair!

    Our products do not contain lead, zinc, chromates, acids, and heavy metal. Having being tested and proven to effectively encapsulate mold, Rust Bullet is indeed your premium choice solution to surface rust and general substrate coating.

  • A Look at Conventional Rust Prevention Mechanisms

    Products which are carved out of iron and steel are put to various uses. Each and every use that these products are put to, have various after-effects and the one that is common amongst all is “RUST”.

    Rusted Tug Boats - Indonesia Rusted Tug Boats - Indonesia

    Rust has severe repercussions and can cause some hazardous consequences. Rust inhibition is an extremely important step that should be planned for before the usage of metal equipment to avoid the circumstances aforementioned ingredients.

    With time passing by, science and technology have picked up a pace for progress which has helped us discover and develop various methods for the purpose of rust prevention. Some of them are as follows:

    • Galvanization - A process that requires the application of a protected layer of zinc by either electroplating or hot-dip galvanizing. The usage of zinc is primarily because of its economical attribute. Along with being economical it also adhere to steel quite well and provides a good amount of protection to the surface of the steel in case of a dame to its own layer.
    • Coatings and painting - A technique by which formation of rust in some products can be put a permanent and sometimes an auxiliary halt.
    • Cathodic protection - A way to inhibit the process of corrosion for immersed on buried and immersed configurations. The process includes supplying an electrical charge that starts the suppression of an electro-chemical reaction.
    • Rust-resistant alloys - The alternatives made out of iron and steel and possess rust repelling attributes. The most common example is of stainless steel.
    • Bluing - Provides a tentative resistance to rusting for small steel items, such as firearms by the addition of the water-displacing oil onto blued steel.
    • Humidity control - A way by which rust is avoided through maintaining a control on the moisture by atmosphere.  The wide usage of silica gel packets is the best example that describes the humidity control process of rust prevention.

    For the successful accomplishment of the above mentioned processes, it is quite imperative to maintain a specific and prescribed environment. Such as air-tight and moisture free environment in some situations.

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