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  • Rust Bullet® Color Flakes Vs. BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Flakes

    We at Rust Bullet, LLC recently announced the launch of DuraGrade Concrete and DuraGrade Clear. Rust Bullet® Color Flakes can be applied on top of DuraGrade Concrete for a stylistic finish, and DuraGrade Clear can be used as a sleek topcoat for maximum aesthetic value. Other products are available on the market such as BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Flakes, but Behr’s website only seems to feature one color with no way to purchase the product online.  

    Rust Bullet, LLC offers five attractive color blends, and our products could not be easier to purchase. Purchase DuraGrade Concrete on Rust Bullet, LLC’s website or on Amazon. Purchase DuraGrade Clear on Rust Bullet, LLC’s website or on Amazon. Add some style to your project with Rust Bullet® Color Flakes from Rust Bullet, LLC’s website or Amazon.  

    Rust Bullet® Color Flakes are specially formulated paint aggregates used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of Rust Bullet’s Concrete Coatings. This unique product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range and are available in five popular color blends.

    Available Rust Bullet® Color Flakes Color Blend Options:

    • Electric Blue Blend
    • Midnight Blend
    • Black Marble Blend
    • Desert Sand Blend
    • Autumn Brown Blend

    David Ciglar, our General Manager, had this to say, “Our DuraGrade products not only provide a lower VOC option for those concerned with the preservation of our environment, or are required to comply with stricter VOC regulations, they provide phenomenal protection with best in the industry performance! DuraGrade Concrete exceeded the capacity of the ASTM testing apparatus/limits in three of the five tests. During the pull-off adhesion bond strength test, the concrete broke apart before DuraGrade lost adhesion. This is unheard of in our industry!”  

    Did we mention that a 1lb unit of our Rust Bullet® Color Flakes only costs $12.99?

    Check out these special features. 

    • Optimal Flexibility and Strength
    • Colorfast, UV Stable Pigments
    • Low Sound / Noise Deadening Qualities
    • Helps to Hide Dirt and Sub-Surface Imperfections
    • Ease of Application
    • Lab-tested Resin Compatibility
    • Size Standardized Size Ranges
    • Renewable, Sanitary and Safe

    One color blend of our Rust Bullet® Color Flakes is capable of producing multiple style options by increasing or decreasing the broadcast density of the product. Here’s what we mean.  

    Color Flakes Broadcast Options; Rust Bullet Color Flakes Vs. BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Flakes  

    Contact us for all your industrial, home & farm, marine, automotive, and concrete application needs. For more information, call Rust Bullet, LLC at 1-800-245-1600 or email us at We can’t wait to discuss your next project!

  • Where to Buy Marine Paint Near Me

    Rust Bullet is the number one marine paint and rust inhibiting product on the market. Whether you or your company use seafaring vessels or just equipment that is regularly exposed to fog or marine air environments, Rust Bullet has a series of products that will keep your equipment sealed and rust-free.

    Don’t waste your money on cheap rust converter products, or you can end up snowballing your maintenance materials and labor costs.

    Take it from one of our satisfied customers, Karl H.

    Rust Bullet Marine Paint Testimonial  

    Featured Rust Bullet Marine Paint Products

    • Industrial – Professional Grade Industrial Strength Rust Inhibitor Coating
    • Industrial Low VOC – Professional grade low VOC industrial strength rust inhibitor coating. Easy to apply and maintain VOC compliance in all 50 states.
    • DuraGrade Clear – Rust Bullet® DuraGrade Clear is a high-performance, ultra-low VOC, rust inhibitive, protective coating. With just 49 g/l of VOCs, DuraGrade Clear’s patent pending formula is an environmentally preferred ultra-low VOC coating compliant in every state and air quality management district.
    • Topcoats – Rust Bullet Topcoats can be applied over painted or unpainted surfaces and can be used as a stand-alone protective coating that will protect your iron and steel.
    • Metal Blast – Rust Bullet Metal Blast is a cleaner and conditioner for metal that removes rust, grease, and contaminants allowing a superior bond to surfaces that have minimal or poor adhesive qualities.
    • Metal Jacket – Metal Jacket Spray on Parts Protector is a revolutionary, removable, non-greasy, non-dirt collecting, dust retardant, continuous flexible film that will not crack, peel, or flake with a temperature range of -40˚F to +125˚F.
    • Rapid Fire – Rapid Fire Accelerator is a 100% solids proprietary additive for all Rust Bullet Coatings. Rapid Fire Accelerator significantly reduces re-coat and overcoat times up to 80% and effectively reduces completion times even in temperatures as low as 30F (-1.1 C). Dry time is reduced from 4 hours to 30 minutes, while maintaining optimal coating performance. Rapid Fire also helps eliminate CO2 bubbling typically caused by excessive coating film application.
    • Solvent – Use Rust Bullet Solvent for cleanup, equipment preparation, and the thinning of Rust Bullet Coatings. Effectively clean equipment such as paint pots, lines, guns, brushes and rollers, as well as spills, drips and overspray from coating applications.

    Where Can I Buy Marine Paint Near Me?

    5201 Westbank Expressway, Suite 101, Louisiana, United States


    11 Harbor Park Drive, New York, United States

    (888) 978-7759

    632 W Gunnison Avenue #C, Colorado, United States

    (800) 956-4301

    7450 Reseda Blvd., California, United States


    20 King Mill Road, Georgia, United States

    (800) 230-3030

    1200 Southeast Ave, Ohio, United States

    (800) 230-3030

    9476 Haina Road, Hawaii, United States

    (808) 651- 9132

    6 Fire Slate Place, Maine, United States

    (888) 795-7632

    8376 Murphy Dr., Wisconsin, United States


    300 Brinkby Ave, Suite 200, Nevada, United States


    960 East Glendale Avenue, Nevada, United States

    (800) 230-3030


    In addition to these great domestic distributors, Rust Bullet’s marine paint products can also be purchased on and at International distributors are also available. Contact us for all your industrial, home & farm, marine, automotive, and concrete application needs.

  • Best Rust Inhibitor: Por 15 or Rust Bullet?

    Let’s begin by discussing what a rust inhibitor is and how it works.


    Q: What is a rust inhibitor?

    A: Rust inhibitors use proprietary chemicals to prevent rust on iron, iron alloy, and other metallic surfaces. Rust Bullet restores virtually any substrate to a rust and corrosion free usable state.


    Q: How does a rust inhibitor work?

    A: Using a single component high solids industrial coating, Rust Bullet provides protection from corrosion and prevents its return. Paint or spray Rust Bullet over rusted metal or metal capable of rusting, and then the miraculous adhesion properties of Rust Bullet will effectively seal rusted areas and prevent further rusting.


    Car with Rust Bullet applied.



    Q: What applications are available for rust inhibitors?

    A:     Industrial: Highway bridges Metal equipment Oil wells Cranes Wastewater treatment plants

    Home and Farm: Workman’s tools Tool boxes Farming equipment and machinery Garages Storage sheds

    Marine: Ships Ports Boats Transport containers Anchors

    Automotive: Motor vehicles Railroad cars Dry-van trailers Refer trailers Old engines

    Concrete: Showrooms Warehouses Driveways Platforms Patios


    Q: Should I wait until my metals are rusty before using a rust inhibitor?

    A: While it’s okay to use Rust Bullet on heavily rusted items, you can also deter or prevent the development of rust with Rust Bullet. Combating rust before it starts to accumulate is the surest way to keep your products in optimal condition.


    Q: What’s the difference between Por 15 and Rust Bullet, anyway?

    Chart Comparing Por 15 and Rust Bullet


    Rust Bullet is hands down the easiest and most effective rust inhibitor on the market. Need help ordering our products? Call us toll free at 800-245-1600 or submit your question here.

  • Industrial Low VOC

    An anti-rust coating that is also environmentally friendly? It's not just a headline, it's the real deal. Rust preventative coatings from Rust Bullet may be applied to improve surface properties, adhesion, and corrosion resistance.

    How We Started

    Rust Bullet, LLC was formed February of 2001 in Reno, Nevada, where our Corporate Offices still operate. The Rust Bullet Products underwent two years of extensive testing before being introduced to the market.

    Environmental Concern

    We continue to expose our products to new testing in the laboratory and field trials on a regular basis. Rust Bullet’s organization consists of eleven international distributorships, with 28 locations, servicing Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Micronesia, and North America.

    All Rust Bullet Products are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials available today maintaining strict quality control standards.

    Environmental Awareness is a key issue in our manufacturing process, and as such, our products contain no lead, no zinc, no chromates, no heavy metals, and pass the EPA Standards for Potable Water as well as the California VOC Standards for a metallic pigmented coating.

    Rust Bullet has been awarded two patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This was the first time the USPTO issued two patents for two new technologies to one rust/corrosion-control product.

    Rust Bullet is dedicated to providing rust preventative products that do not harm the environment, and we continue to test and re-test our products to improve our impact every year.

  • Floor Paint for Concrete

    Are you in need of garage floor paint? Or paint for concrete? Rust Bullet doesn't just make rust preventative products, we do it all!

    Concrete is the world's most commonly used building material. Pliable and flexible when newly mixed and strong and durable when hardened explains why this remarkable material can build skyscrapers, bridges, sidewalks, superhighways, houses, dams, sewer pipes and floors. Much like rest of Rust Bullet's products, our paint provides the same non-slip protection as bare concrete.

    If you desire better non-slip protection in your home garage or commercial garage, you can add an anti-skid additive to it to provide good slip protection no matter the climate, using Rust Bullet garage floor paint. Just mix it in with the second coat.

    Rust Bullet, with its Patented New Technology for rust and corrosion control, also provides outstanding protection to many other surfaces, one being concrete, of course. Rust Bullet not only improves the appearance of concrete, it provides an impervious shield allowing easy clean up of oil, grease and chemical spills along with strong protection against impact and abrasives.

    Rust Bullet protective coating will:

    • provide excellent chemical resistance
    • provide protection from abrasives
    • seal a surface from moisture
    • allow easy clean up of spills
    • prevent concrete from sweating
    • reduce dust
    • fill cracks, gaps and chips
    • enhance appearance
    • add years of life to concrete surfaces

    Are you looking for a long lasting floor paint? Contact Rust Bullet today and let us set you up with a product that will change your life.

  • Comparing Rust Bullet and Por 15

    Comparing Rust Bullet and Por 15 is easy, especially when we provide all the results we possibly can, testing both products in a variety of different applications to ensure the results are accurate and fair.

    We compared Rust Bullet vs. Rust-oleum vs. Por 15 and the results were incredible. In a nine stage test, the method covered the treatment of previously painted or coated specimens for accelerated and atmospheric exposure tests and their subsequent evaluation in respect to corrosion, blistering associated with corrosion, loss of adhesion at a scribe mark, or other film failure.

    The Results?

    Well, Rust Bullet is proud to announce to our customers that our products have been awarded an unprecedented two patents for their superior technology and environmental friendly rust preventive applications.

    Rust Bullet beat both Por 15 and Rust-Oleum in a 9 stage test that was meant to put our products to work. Rust Bullet passed with flying colors.

    Rust Bullet left competitors like POR 15 far behind in the quest for rust prevention. Rust Bullet simplifies rust prevention by eliminating the need for extensive surface preparation and complicated application.

    While products like POR15  provide a coating on the car surface, the Rust Bullet products are specifically designed to penetrate the metal surface and mix with the rust, reversing and removing the issue!

    This one-of-a-kind feature from Rust Bullet helps in better rust prevention for the products and attacks rust right at the root level, tackling rust and offering unprecedented protection. The Rust Bullet products are also more environmentally friendly as compared to other products in the market. Did you ever think you'd find environmentally friendly rust remover? You just did!

    These products are developed to emit lower emission (V.O.C.s) which makes them more sustainable overall. Rust Bullet rust preventative products are free from heavy metals, zinc, chromates and other harsh chemicals. Rust Bullet ensures protection for both your assets and the environment.

    Contact Rust Bullet today and let us help you solve your rust problem once and for all.

  • Rust Remover for Cars

    Are you looking for a rust remover for cars? Our customers seem to have found every product on the market that doesn't work - until they found us.

    Protect and repair all of your automotive rust issues with ease using Rust Bullet’s Automotive Formula. Our innovative rust repair technology has been specially created to provide the best rust paint available to protect your vehicle. Rust Bullet’s wide variety of automotive options will provide superior coverage on any vehicle.

    Our customers are looking to stop rust for good, and they can, if they use our Rust Bullet Automotive Formula. This is recommended for all of your Automotive rust application needs including undercarriages, frames, floor pans, rocker panels, suspension and much more.

    Our Rust Automotive Formula contains more metal and is a bit thinner than our Standard Formula allowing for an easy application with HVLP automotive finishing guns, as well as brush or roller, and provides a smoother finish usually desired for automotive projects.

    One the biggest causes of car failure is rust.

    When Rust Bullet is applied over rusted metal it penetrates the substrate, dehydrates the rust, until reaching the metal. This allows the resin to become intertwined with the rust, then becomes part of the coating and solidifies into an armor tough coating with phenomenal adhesion.

    Working on an industrial, commercial, marine applications? The Rust Bullet Industrial Formula is recommended for bridges, trestles, trailers, farm equipment, silos, cooling towers, boats and more. We have two United States Patents - One to kill rust, and the other to prevent its return. Rust Bullet also prevents the formation of corrosion on new steel. Rust Bullet Coatings provide unbeatable protection for almost any substrate.

    Need a Low VOC? We have that, too. Rust Bullet ProPLUS is a low VOC rust inhibitive coating. ProPLUS still has the same rust inhibitive qualities as the Rust Bullet Industrial and the Rust Bullet Automotive formulas, but now we are pleased to deliver a single component, 97 VOC g/l solution that delivers industry-leading performance that is compliant in all 50 states and districts, including California, yes.

    Check out the results for our rust remover for cars below: 

    1973 Volkswagon 

    1977 Chevy Truck Body Panels & Floor Boards

    1944 Sante Fe 2926 Steam Locomotive

    8' Blizzard Snowplow & Vehicle Frame

    1966 VW Undercarriage

  • Don't Just Paint Over Rust

    Don't just paint over rust. You know you're going to be back at in no time. Fight rust for good, get rid of rust completely with Rust Bullet.

    While many people are okay with this sentiment, the team at Rust Bullet isn't. Why? What's the point of painting over rust when you can get rid of rust completely?

    It's not just a pipe dream, it's completely achievable with Rust Bullet paint.

    SO much work goes into preparing a surface that needs to be painted over to remove rust. First, you need to pull out the wire brush, and that's a feat within itself. After you're good tired from removing all paint and excess rust from the surface, then you must thoroughly clean and set the surface to be spray painted.

    If you're really set to paint a surface, but it's for bonding purposes, choose Rust Bullet's Metal Jacket.  Metal Jacket is a cleaner and conditioner for metal that removes rust, grease, and contaminants allowing a superior bond to surfaces that have minimal or poor adhesive qualities.

    Metal Blast removes surface rust and properly etches metal for better paint adhesion. Metal Blast enhances the adhesive properties of coatings on any metal surface including aluminum and shiny polished metal.

    Metal Blast creates an ideal anchor pattern to surfaces allowing superior adhesion of all Rust Bullet Coatings. Metal Blast dissolves rust from metal tools and equipment as well as other rusted surfaces adding years of performance to any paint project.

    Do you have questions regarding our products? Reach out! Let us help you choose the right rust remover for your project.

  • Por 15 vs. Rust Bullet, What Works

    Rust Bullet is proud to inform its customers that its products have been awarded unprecedented two patents for its superior technology and environmental friendly rust preventive products.

    There are three different types of corrosion: pitting and cavity corrosion, contact corrosion, and crevice corrosion.

    Changes in temperature increased humidity (more moisture in the air for the reaction), and geographical elements (nearer the sea, windy sites, particularly rainy etc.), can all contribute to increased rust.


    Oxidizing can be made worse if the structure is in a heavily salty environment, such as out at sea, as salt can increase the speed of the reacting process.


    Excessive rusting can cause structures to collapse and pipelines to burst. Rust can also ruin the aesthetic appeal of iron components, as you've probably witnessed on cars, boats, bridges, and even old playgrounds.

    Rust Bullet products can be easily applied to the car surface either in the form of a paint, spray or even rolled. There is also no requirement of a top coat or an undercoat which reduces the overall time. So, why compare Por 15 vs. Rust Bullet?

    While products like POR15 simply provide a coating on the car surface, the Rust Bullet products are specifically designed to penetrate the metal surface and mix the rust.

    Paints and coatings are materials that prevent contact between the iron and an electrolyte. Paints and coatings also prevent excessive oxygen from contacting the iron.

    The Right Choice, Por 15 vs. Rust Bullet  

    It is true that many rust conversion products claim to change the chemical nature of rust and convert it to a more stable element that won't rust again, this isn't really possible.

    Most of these failed products just simply don't work, or work, but not for more than a few months at best, and they are subject to the same chipping and cracking that occurs with ordinary rust coatings.

    The physical integrity of the metal coating is as important as its chemical barrier properties in many applications. Selecting the best metal coating for an application requires evaluating all effects of the specific environment, including thermal and mechanical conditions.

    One of the most common and inexpensive protection methods for steel is provided by a metal coating process with zinc. Zinc-coated, or galvanized, steel is produced by various hot-dipping techniques, but more steel companies today are moving into more environmentally friendly methods of protection. (Like us!)

    What POR-15 Does:

    Por 15 vs. Rust Bullet

    POR-15 chemically bonds to rusted metal and forms a hard, non-porous coating that claims it will not crack chip or peel. It states that it will keep moisture away from metal with a coating that is strengthened by continued exposure to moisture. Thereby combatting the rusting process.

    What Rust Bullet Does: 

    When Rust Bullet is applied to rusted metal it penetrates the substrate, dehydrates the rust, until it reaches the metal underneath. This allows the resin to become intertwined with the rust, then becomes part of the coating and solidifies into an armor tough coating with phenomenal adhesion.

    According to extensive independent scientific testing, Rust Bullet is the most effective, longest lasting, easiest to use rust/corrosion-control product on the market.

    Rust Bullet Standard Formula has been awarded Two United States Patents for its advanced technologies and is the gold standard used and recognized worldwide as the best rust/corrosion-control product available.

    Use the Rust Bullet Standard Formula for your metal surfaces including Marine, Home, Farm, Industrial, and Commercial applications.

    Use Rust Bullet Standard Formula as a stand-alone coating, or in combination with Rust Bullet BlackShell, Rust Bullet WhiteShell, Rust Bullet Color Shells or Rust Bullet Clear Shot for unbeatable rust protection.

    Rust Bullet Standard Formula is metallic gray in color. Rust Bullet Standard can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.

    Rust Bullet is proud to inform its customers that its products have been awarded unprecedented two patents for its superior technology and environmental friendly rust preventive products.

    With this endeavor, Rust Bullet has left competitors like POR 15 far behind in the quest for rust prevention. Rust Bullet simplifies rust prevention by eliminating the need for extensive surface preparation.

    Contact Rust Bullet today and let us show you the differences between Por 15 and Rust Bullet.

  • Garage Floor Paint

    Rust Bullet is a truly long lasting floor paint for your garage that will provide years of service without issue when applied correctly. Our paint provides the same non-slip protection as bare concrete.  If you desire better non-slip protection in your home garage or commercial garage, you can add an anti-skid additive to it to provide good slip protection no matter the climate, using Rust Bullet garage floor paint. Just mix it in with the second coat.

    Rust Bullet's garage floor paint will not peel, is extremely longlasting, and will not develop hot tire lift problems associated with other garage floor paints on the market today.

    Painting a garage floor has been the goal of so many of our clients as it is so much easier to paint the garage floor rather than apply an epoxy coating. In 2003, Rust Bullet introduced a 1-Part moisture cure polyurethane paint coating to stop rust and corrosion in metal, but we quickly realized that it had many, many, more uses.

    So why call it 'garage floor paint'? It is advertised this way because like paint, Rust Bullet garage floor paint is a single part coating that doesn’t require a second component to mix in.  It is extremely easy to apply like paint and can be applied to other surfaces with the use of a spray gun.

    Most concrete garage floor paints are either latex acrylic or a blend of latex acrylic with small amounts of epoxy added to increase durability, also known as 1-Part epoxy paint.  Rust Bullet, however, is a moisture cured urethane (polyurethane) that is applied like paint.  Like most paints, it does not require acid etching or grinding of the concrete either

    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that our garage floor paint is a monochromatic paint.  It doesn’t create a nice glossy and colorful finish like epoxy can.  It will produce a nice semi-gloss metallic gray finish, though, that is easy to maintain and creates a very clean look.

    Are you looking for a paint for your garage floor? Contact the experts at Rust Bullet today and let us help you choose the right paint to suit your needs. With our 5 year warranty on garage floor paint, we're sure you'll be satisfied with the results.

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