Corrosion and rust are widespread issues in the industrial world, affecting not only buildings and infrastructure but also machinery and equipment. These problems can lead to expensive repairs or even full replacements of valuable assets. Thankfully, preventative solutions such as Rust Bullet Industrial offer a way to avoid these costs.

Rust Bullet Industrial is a specialized industrial metal coating designed to prevent rust effectively. This protective layer works to extend both the performance and lifespan of machinery and metal assets, safeguarding them from the damaging effects of rust.

Outstanding rust prevention

Rust Bullet Industrial is a specialized coating designed with a patented double-layer moisture-cure urethane. This formulation specifically targets and combats corrosion. Applying at least two coats of this product will give you durable protection, minimizing the need to reapply it frequently, as you might with other products.

What sets Rust Bullet Industrial apart from conventional metal coatings is its resistance to various environmental challenges. Whether the coated surface is submerged in water, exposed to the open air, faced with chemicals, under continuous UV radiation, or constantly in contact with water or moisture, Rust Bullet Industrial can withstand these conditions. Its ability to resist such a wide range of elements makes it a unique and effective solution for protecting metal surfaces against rust and corrosion.

No extensive preparations required

Rust Bullet’s industrial metal coating does not require labor-intensive blasting, sanding, or grinding before application. It can be directly applied on rusted surfaces and requires no primer, basecoat, or topcoat. In addition, it is ready to apply onto bare, clean metal as a rust inhibitor.

Compliant with various standards

No other industrial metal coating can compare to Rust Bullet. It has fire-retardant properties that comply with ASTM E84-04 tests. Plus, it meets the EPA and VOC standards, making it ideal for agricultural, marine, and commercial applications.

Experience next-level industrial asset protection

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