Garage Floor Paint

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garage Floor Coating

During the last year or so, the economic upswing has individuals and businesses looking to improve their living and working spaces. Two elements of our personal and working spheres we are looking to upgrade are our garage floors. We want better looking and better performing surfaces and a high-quality garage floor coating is one way […]

Rust Bullet® Color Flakes Vs. BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Flakes

We at Rust Bullet, LLC recently announced the launch of DuraGrade Concrete and DuraGrade Clear. Rust Bullet® Color Flakes can be applied on top of DuraGrade Concrete for a stylistic finish, and DuraGrade Clear can be used as a sleek topcoat for maximum aesthetic value. Other products are available on the market such as BEHR […]

Floor Paint for Concrete

Are you in need of garage floor paint? Or paint for concrete? Rust Bullet doesn’t just make rust preventative products, we do it all! Concrete is the world’s most commonly used building material. Pliable and flexible when newly mixed and strong and durable when hardened explains why this remarkable material can build skyscrapers, bridges, sidewalks, […]

Garage Floor Paint

Rust Bullet is a truly long lasting floor paint for your garage that will provide years of service without issue when applied correctly. Our paint provides the same non-slip protection as bare concrete.  If you desire better non-slip protection in your home garage or commercial garage, you can add an anti-skid additive to it to provide good slip […]

How Do I Choose the Right Garage Floor Paint?

Rust Bullet offers many different kinds of garage floor paint, so it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish in your workspace. Rust Bullet, LLC warrants its products to be free from material defects.  Rust Bullet® is manufactured under the strict formula specifications that were established in its extensive scientific studies which landed us two […]