Rust Repair Starts with Surface Preparation

To understand the type of surface preparation needing to be accomplished for rust repair, it is important to know what rust is. Rust results from the redox reaction that occur between objects made from iron (including its alloys) and oxygen in the presence of water. When rust occurs, surfaces becomes friable and crumbly and consequently do not provide strength to the iron. Hence, the application of paint is an ideal way of isolating the iron away from the environment. Before any paint can be applied on any surface, proper preparation should be carried out. Improperly prepared surfaces will affect adhesion, longevity and performance.

Typically, good surface preparation involves:

  1. Ensuring that the surface to be coated is dry.
  2. Removal of dirt, oil, rusts, peeling paints any other contamination is essential to achieving good coating adhesion and performance.  Surface cleanliness is compulsory in order to achieve the desired result.
  3. Remove contaminate by scraping sanding or by using a chemical agent.

An easy way to remember are the 5 P’s of surface prep. This stands for Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. This is true for any paint or rust.

A variety of products have been introduced to solve the problem of rust but there has been different challenges experienced during the use of these products and these include – complication during application, short life span, complex working conditions and they require rust to be removed before application.

Rust Bullet Rust Inhibitive Coatings make the ultimate difference in these areas of rust repair. Our products are easy to apply and requires little or no surface preparation before coating. Also, it is essential to make sure surfaces are clean before application of paints but with Rust Bullet for rust repair, this is minimal as our paints can be applied directly over surface rust or clean surfaces. For this however,  a product called Metal Blast to help with the surface preparation procedure to make rust repair easier. Metal Blast can be used on a variety of substrates and does the perfect job in removing contaminates and preparing the surface for Rust Bullet Rust Inhibitive Coatings.

Rust Bullet Products are eco-friendly, easy to use and do not contain lead, zinc, chromates, acids, and heavy metal. Our products are effective in rust/corrosion control on both clean metal and rusty metals. With superior adhesive property, our products can be applied on a variety of substrates including metal, concrete, fiberglass, wood, and other substrates.

So have you been worried about how best to deal with surface rust? Rust Bullet is the solution you have been looking for as it is resistant to UV, harsh weather condition, scratch and chemicals. Click here to learn more about Rust Bullet works for rust repair.