Rust Bullet Industrial is a one-of-a-kind product designed to provide long-lasting rust protection for steel, regardless of the harsh conditions often encountered in industrial and commercial environments. Here are five compelling reasons why Rust Bullet’s steel rust protection formula should be your go-to solution:

  1. Superior protection

Rust Bullet defends surfaces with a non-porous, armor-like shield that repairs, protects, and maintains surface integrity. It’s scratch, chip, and chemical resistant, offering exceptional protection from abrasives and corrosives that can harm surfaces. Rust Bullet’s unique formulation has earned two US patents for its innovative technologies in rust and corrosion control.

  1. Easy application and maintenance

Rust Bullet can be applied with little or no surface preparation, which reduces the cost of labor and waste containment. This one-step, one-product coating also minimizes downtime, as it requires little or no maintenance, saving you both time and money.

  1. Superior to epoxy primers and coatings

Unlike epoxy primers, which are not anti-corrosive, Rust Bullet’s steel rust protection formula penetrates and dehydrates the rust, forming a protective shield that defends the surface against corrosion and abrasion for many years. While epoxy coatings can be labor-intensive and require extensive preparation, Rust Bullet’s application is simpler and less expensive. If a surface is already epoxy-coated, Rust Bullet can be applied after minimal preparation, and an epoxy topcoat can be reapplied if desired.

  1. Ideal for various applications

From protecting your galvanized metal roof to safeguarding wrought iron fencing, furniture, and fixtures, Rust Bullet is versatile in its application. It sprays easily with an airless spray system and can even make your metal roof stronger and more weather-resistant.

  1. Protection against magnesium chloride

Magnesium chloride, commonly used as a de-icer, can cause significant damage to concrete and metal. Rust Bullet protects metal and concrete from direct contact with magnesium chloride. While high concentrations of magnesium chloride can reduce the protective properties of any coating, Rust Bullet’s tough coating outlasts and outperforms other products.

Rust Bullet Industrial’s proven performance and versatility make it the optimal choice for long-lasting steel rust protection. Whether you’re protecting infrastructure, galvanized roofs, wrought iron furniture, or surfaces exposed to harsh de-icers, Rust Bullet delivers unparalleled rust and corrosion control.