Coating concrete floors is not just about enhancing their appearance, although that is one benefit. Using a high-quality floor coating like  Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete offers several advantages beyond making floors look shiny and clean.

It provides essential protection for the flooring by forming a barrier that shields the surface from a wide range of potential damages, including chemicals, oil spills, chipping, scratching, and UV exposure. Without this protection, floors can quickly become unhygienic and lose their aesthetic appeal.

But Rust Bullet DuraGrade is more than just a protective layer—it’s also a versatile solution that can increase safety, as it can be used to create slip-resistant floors. By combining DuraGrade with a product like Tread-Tex as the final coat, you can create an anti-skid finish. This addition can make walking or driving on the surface safer, preventing accidents that might otherwise occur on an untreated or improperly treated floor.

What makes Duragrade different?

DuraGrade is a versatile floor coating that can be used on garage floors, pathways, walkways, warehouse floors, or any other concrete surface that needs a makeover. Its patent-pending formulation offers excellent adhesion, even without surface prep or a primer, topcoat, or basecoat. Moreover, our floor coating is low in VOCs to ensure VOC compliance in 50 states. Plus, it’s easy to apply with spray equipment or a typical brush or roller, whether indoors or outdoors. DuraGrade won’t just elevate the floor’s aesthetics but protect it from hot tire pickup, too.

DuraGrade is also available in a wide range of colors. You can even get it in a custom color to ensure a high-quality finish that suits your aesthetic requirements. We recommend adding our Color Flakes on top of the final coat while it’s still wet, then sealing it with DuraGrade Clear. It’s a simple addition that can make your concrete floors stand out.

Ready to transform your floor?

Contact us to learn how our floor coating can provide the ultimate makeover to your concrete floors. Shop Rust Bullet products here on this website or from a distributor in your area.