Don’t Just Paint Over Rust

Don’t just paint over rust. You know you’re going to be back at in no time. Fight rust for good, get rid of rust completely with Rust Bullet. While many people are okay with this sentiment, the team at Rust Bullet isn’t. Why? What’s the point of painting over rust when you can get rid […]

Por 15 vs. Rust Bullet, What Works

Rust Bullet is proud to inform its customers that its products have been awarded unprecedented two patents for its superior technology and environmental friendly rust preventive products. There are three different types of corrosion: pitting and cavity corrosion, contact corrosion, and crevice corrosion. Changes in temperature increased humidity (more moisture in the air for the […]

Make Your Boat Look Like New

Did you know that Rust Bullet is made for marine as well? Rust Bullet provides durable surface protection from physical abuse, thermal shock, chemical exposure, and UV light. ] Surfaces coated with Rust Bullet are provided with phenomenal protection against the abrasive salt water atmosphere found in the marine environment, keeping your ship, powerboat, or fishing […]

Cutting Edge Coatings and Technology

Rust Bullet is proud to be a trusted partner in the industrial industry. No matter how harsh the environment, Rust Bullet offers coatings that provide optimum performance in the three main environments that are subjected to rust: Atmospheric: A coating under atmosphere exposure must endure a variety of conditions, including heating, cooling, oxidation, wetting, and […]

Por 15: Top Competitors

Choose Rust Bullet over Por 15. Rust Bullet stops rust with no surface preparation required. Rust Bullet’s low VOCs are also better for the environment. Use our Patented Formula to stop rust on Industrial, Commercial, Marine, and Home & Farm Applications. While we respect what Por 15 tries to do, we meet hundreds of customers […]