Rust Bullet offers a comprehensive range of corrosion prevention products that are designed to provide superior protection in various applications. Whether you need a robust solution for industrial environments, automotive surfaces, concrete protection, or an environmentally-friendly option, Rust Bullet corrosion prevention products have you covered.

  • Industrial – Rust Bullet Industrial is a professional-grade, industrial-strength rust inhibitor coating suitable for demanding situations. It excels in applications such as steel roofing, automotive undercarriages, marine equipment, farm machinery, and even rusty railings. This tough coating does not require a primer or a topcoat, making it a convenient choice. It is compliant with VOC regulations in all US states and air quality management districts. Importantly, Rust Bullet Industrial contains no zinc, chromates, acids, or heavy metals, ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • Automotive – Rust Bullet Automotive is a high-performance, one-part rust-inhibitive coating that stands out in the market. It boasts two US patents and offers exceptional adhesion to various metal surfaces, including rusted, clean, and new metals.
    One of its remarkable features is that it requires little to no surface preparation, simplifying the application process. This coating can be applied using a brush, roller, or spray equipment, and it is UV resistant, preventing fading or cracking.
  • DuraGrade – DuraGrade Concrete is a top-of-the-line protective coating specially formulated for concrete surfaces. Unlike traditional coatings, it does not necessitate acid etching as it adheres exceptionally well to concrete.
    This high-build coating offers superior resistance against scratches, chips, chemicals, and UV rays. With its low VOC content, DuraGrade Concrete complies with regulations in all 50 states. It comes in a range of 18 standard colors and provides a beautiful gloss finish.
  • ProPLUS – Rust Bullet ProPLUS is a testament to the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. While maintaining the same rust inhibitive qualities as the Standard and Automotive formulas, ProPLUS goes the extra mile by offering an eco-friendly solution. With its one-component formulation, it contains only 97 VOC g/l, making it compliant with regulations in all 50 states and air quality management districts. By choosing ProPLUS, customers can enjoy the industry-leading performance while contributing to reducing pollution and minimizing damage to the ozone layer.

Choose Rust Bullet corrosion prevention products for unmatched protection and peace of mind!