What Is Rust Prevention?

Many of us know that rust is reddish orange and that it isn’t good for it to develop on our metallic surfaces. We know that we should seek rust prevention, but we may not know how to do it. We at Rust Bullet think that you should know thine enemy. The enemy that we’ve chosen […]

Industrial Low VOC

An anti-rust coating that is also environmentally friendly? It’s not just a headline, it’s the real deal. Rust preventative coatings from Rust Bullet may be applied to improve surface properties, adhesion, and corrosion resistance. How We Started Rust Bullet, LLC was formed February of 2001 in Reno, Nevada, where our Corporate Offices still operate. The […]

Comparing Rust Bullet and Por 15

Comparing Rust Bullet and Por 15 is easy, especially when we provide all the results we possibly can, testing both products in a variety of different applications to ensure the results are accurate and fair. We compared Rust Bullet vs. Rust-oleum vs. Por 15 and the results were incredible. In a nine stage test, the method […]

Por 15 vs. Rust Bullet, What Works

Rust Bullet is proud to inform its customers that its products have been awarded unprecedented two patents for its superior technology and environmental friendly rust preventive products. There are three different types of corrosion: pitting and cavity corrosion, contact corrosion, and crevice corrosion. Changes in temperature increased humidity (more moisture in the air for the […]

Anti-Rust Protection That Actually Kills Rust

There are three main types of exposure to which coatings are subjected: atmospheric exposure, immersion, and underground exposure. The main difference between atmospheric exposure, immersion, and underground exposure is weather resistance. A coating under atmospheric exposure must endure a variety of conditions, including heating and cooling, oxidation and wetting and drying. Immersion coatings are primarily […]

Low V.O.C., Good for Rust, Better for the Environment  

Do you like the smell of paint? Some people live for it, others not so much. The smell of a new coat of paint is distinct, but what’s it doing to your lungs? Or the environment? Overall, the majority of paints release high levels of volatile organic compounds that can contribute to a range of […]

How Does Rust Bullet Actually Work?

How Does Rust Bullet Actually Work? Simply put, it kills rust.   Rust Bullet outperforms market leaders in extensive scientific side by side testing, repeatedly. How to get rid of rust is right in front of you. Rust has been a problem and battle to which all the planet as fought since the industrial era. […]