A high-quality clear coat for concrete has ultra-low VOCs and is proven for its performance as a protective coating and a rust inhibitor. Rust Bullet’s DuraGrade Clear is a perfect example of this, with only 49 g/l of VOCs and a patent-pending formula that complies with every air quality management district and all 50 states, making it more environmentally friendly.

We recommend proper application to get the most out of its benefits. Here are some useful guidelines you can follow.

How to use

You can apply the clear coat as a standalone coating or a topcoat. Apply directly on rusted or clean metal, wood, concrete, or other surfaces that require protection. You can add anti-skid material to create a surface with enhanced traction. Use it as a way to seal decorative flakes.

Application methods

Applying a clear coat for concrete is easy with spray equipment, a roller, or a brush. You can use it on new concrete after letting it cure for at least 30 days.

If you are using a brush, use one you can discard after completing the project. If you prefer a roller, choose a 3/8” nap roller instead of foam rollers or brushes.

With spray equipment, consider an Airless sprayer with 3,000 to 5,000 PSI and a 517 to 523 tip. Spraying will provide the most even and smoothest finish. A minimum of two coats should suffice to seal the surface, but use more coats for commercial shops or high-traffic areas. Optimum recoat time is about two to six hours up to 12 hours before applying another coat.

Prepare your floor

Ensure a structurally sound, completely dry concrete substrate. It should be clean and free of loose paint and dirt. Eliminate any debris, loose particles, wax, moisture, oily substances, mildew, and wax before application.

What are the benefits?

Clear coat for concrete is not a two-part epoxy, so there is no need to mix in ratios while ensuring faster curing times at around 72 hours after applying the final coat. Moreover, it can cure at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to use it during winter. It is ready to use straight from the can and provides an industrial-strength protective polyurethane coating with superior adhesion, outstanding abrasion resistance, and unparalleled protection. It increases the surface’s UV, chemical, chip, and scratch resistance, making it ideal for outdoor or indoor surfaces. It dries seamlessly to a water-clear finish.