Rust Bullet Industrial Quart

If you want to protect your valuable metal assets from rust and corrosion, investing in a reliable industrial metal coating is crucial. This type of coating serves as a barrier that protects the metal from environmental factors, significantly extending its lifespan. Furthermore, a high-quality metal coating can enhance the metal’s appearance, providing it with a cleaner and more polished look while maintaining its functionality.

Rust Bullet offers a solution that will save you time and money on repairs or replacements. Our Professional-Grade Industrial Strength Rust Inhibitor Coating is practical for various industries, including farming and marine. With just two coats, you can ensure optimal protection for your metal assets.

Why choose Rust Bullet Industrial?

Rust Bullet Industrial coatings provide reliable protection, even in the harshest conditions common in commercial and industrial environments. It forms a nonporous, impenetrable shield that acts like armor, defending, maintaining, and repairing surface integrity. Our patented technology enhances your assets with chemical, chip, scratch, and UV resistance, ensuring superior protection against corrosives and abrasives that can damage metal surfaces.

Easy application and maintenance

Our industrial metal coating is formulated as a one-part multiple-coat urethane, requiring little to no surface preparation. This minimizes waste containment, labor costs, and other overhead expenses. Maintenance becomes worry-free, resulting in additional savings and increased productivity.

If surface preparation is necessary, we recommend using Rust Bullet Metal Blast to etch the metal and dissolve existing rust.

Low VOC content

Rust Bullet products have low VOC content. However, if you need to meet stringent VOC standards, our Rust Bullet Industrial Low VOC is available. Rest assured that these coatings are free of heavy metals, zinc, chromates, and lead.

Extend the lifespan of your metal assets today

Shop for our industrial metal coating products at Rust Bullet! You can also find them through authorized distributors. Check if there’s one in your area using our locator tool.