When the first signs of rust occur, it usually signifies the start of a countdown to full, irreversible corrosion. Don’t worry. There is still a way to prevent the inevitable—and that is by applying a rust converter paint like Rust Bullet DuraGrade Color. The specially formulated all-in-one protective coating and corrosion control comes in a wide range of colors to suit every application. The high-performance rust inhibitor is the ultimate protection for industrial and home assets as it protects metals like iron and steel. Best of all, it can be directly applied over rust with little to no surface preparation.

But will it provide sustainable, long-term rust control? Keep reading to understand how Rust Bullet works and why it’s the best rust inhibitor and protective coating.

What makes it work?

Rust Bullet has a unique moisture-cure urethane formulation that doesn’t contain heavy metals, lead, chromates, or zinc. It’s not the typical rust converter paint that requires an artificial heat source or an extra component or activator to cure. As a polyurethane coating, it has more moisture and chemical resistance and additional adhesive properties, making it better than elastomeric and epoxy paints. In addition, Rust Bullet ensures optimum performance in atmospheric, underground, and immersion environments.


Rust Bullet DuraGrade Color is a versatile corrosion control and protective solution for various applications, including home, automotive, marine, farm, industrial, and commercial projects. The low-VOC patent-pending formula ensures VOC compliance in 50 states.

Moreover, it comes in nine standard colors, so there is likely a shade that suits your specific application. Rust Bullet can also customize colors to meet specific requirements. Rest assured, DuraGrade Color has passed various performance tests, including Taber Abrasion, Mandrel Bend, Impact Resistance, Salt Fog, and Pull-Of Adhesion Bond Strength.

Not just for metal surfaces

No other rust converter paint is like DuraGrade Color because it also protects other surfaces like fiberglass and wood. Rust Bullet’s formulation ensures excellent adhesion for exceptional UV, chemical, chip, and scratch resistance. Moreover, it’s an all-in-one component that eliminates the need for a primer, topcoat, or basecoat to save time and minimize labor costs.

Experience superior rust prevention now!

Try Rust Bullet as your go-to rust converter paint! We also carry Rust Bullet BlackShell if you prefer a glossy black finish for iron and steel.