Corrosion can be expensive. In fact, it costs industries around US $276 billion each year. With steel and iron being commonly used materials in various assets, the problem becomes even more significant.

Is there a way to prevent or reduce rust, given its widespread and costly impact? The answer is yes, and the solution is Rust Bullet coatings.

Rust Bullet is more than just a product; it’s a proven technology. It’s a patented rust-prevention product that has been verified by independent scientific studies. Whether you’re looking to protect motor vehicles, railroad cars, wastewater treatment plants, highway bridges, agricultural equipment like tractors and trucks, cranes, ports, oil wells, or any other metal structures, Rust Bullet has a solution. It doesn’t just prevent rust—it offers long-term protection against corrosion. This means not only preserving the integrity and functionality of these assets but also significant savings in maintenance and labor costs over time.

Protect industrial assets

Rust Bullet Industrial offers professional-grade rust prevention for marine, commercial, farm, residential, and industrial applications. It features superior patented technology that stops rust and corrosion while working like a powder coating. Plus, you can apply it directly to clean and rusted metal surfaces without extensive surface preparation.

Unlike regular rust inhibitors and coatings, Rust Bullet Industrial can protect metal assets from extreme weather and other destructive elements, including harsh chemicals and abrasive objects. Moreover, it can be used on other substrates, like fiberglass, concrete, and wood.

Targeted protection

Are you worried about rusting metal parts and machinery? Rust Bullet Metal Jacket is the perfect rust prevention solution for these assets. The translucent coating won’t obstruct identification markings on components and machines, making it practical for a wide range of applications, including housings, fabricated or finished castings, marine equipment, and valves.

Also suitable for vehicles

For vehicles, Rust Bullet offers an Automotive formulation that’s thinner than the industrial formula, making it easier to apply with spray equipment. Plus, it ensures a smoother finish for vehicles. Rust Bullet also carries a comprehensive Undercarriage Truck Kit for rust prevention that can treat corrosion and preserve and protect a truck’s undercarriage.

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