Renowned for its versatility, Rust Bullet Industrial offers exceptional protection against the damaging effects of extreme weather, abrasive materials, harsh chemicals, and other destructive elements. This makes it the perfect industrial metal coating solution for everything from metal roofs to metal equipment.

Proven superiority

Rust Bullet’s effectiveness as a rust preventive, corrosion inhibitive, and a protective coating has been scientifically confirmed by accredited independent laboratories. It’s better than rust converters or rust encapsulators, offering a unique, superior, and patented coating that permanently eliminates rust.

Rust Bullet’s claim to be the best in the market isn’t just a statement—it’s a proven fact. To separate Rust Bullet from the 319 companies listed in the Thomas Register that market rust/corrosion control products, the company conducted years of intensive research. They tested Rust Bullet against market leaders using independent laboratories and numerous real-world environmental situations. The results have consistently proven Rust Bullet’s supremacy.

Environmental consciousness

Rust Bullet demonstrates a keen commitment to environmental protection. Its ability to restore nearly any substrate to a corrosion-free, the usable state helps prevent millions of tons of unusable waste from entering our landfills, making Rust Bullet an environmentally friendly product.

Rust Bullet doesn’t contain lead, heavy metals, zinc, chromates, pesticides, or acids. In fact, water stored in a Rust Bullet-coated container for up to 120 days meets the EPA’s primary and secondary drinking water standards.

The best industrial metal coating in the market

Rust Bullet utilizes an exceptional patented technology that effectively stops rust and corrosion, acting similarly to a powder coating but without the accompanying high costs. It can be applied directly over rusted and clean metal surfaces, requiring little or no surface preparation.

When it comes to choosing an industrial metal coating, Rust Bullet Industrial makes the decision simple. Its proven effectiveness, environmental consciousness, and unique features make it an unparalleled solution for industrial metal coating across a myriad of applications.