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Rust Bullet Standard Formula

Rust Bullet Standard Formula Rust Inhibitive Coating is a one-step, multiple coat industrial grade urethane coating.

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Rust Bullet Automotive Formula

Rust Bullet Automotive Formula has been developed to provide the same performance and protection as the Standard Formula, while delivering the smooth surface texture required in the Automotive Industry.

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Rust Bullet Concrete

Rust Bullet Concrete it provides an impervious shield allowing easy clean-up of oil, grease and chemical spills along with strong protection against impacts, abrasives, and atmospheric elements.

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Rust Bullet Coating for Concrete

Rust Bullet for Concrete Coating. Clear Coat for Concrete is durable, UV resistant, non-yellowing, scratch and chip resistant and has excellent chemical resistance.

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Rust Bullet WhiteShell

Rust Bullet BlackShell is the optimum gloss black protective coating, combining both function and beauty to create a mirror finish black gloss surface.

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Rust Bullet BlackShell

Rust Bullet WhiteShell is the optimum gloss white protective coating providing protection and a beautiful mirror finish white gloss surface.

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Rust Bullet ColorShell

Rust Bullet ColorShells have been specifically formulated to help you meet the safety color coding requirements for commercial and industrial identification. ANSI Z535 Compliant OSHA Safety Color.

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Rust Bullet Clear Shot

Rust Bullet Clear Shot is a revolutionary, single component, clear protective coating that won’t crack, chip, peel, or yellow, drying to an incredibly hard water-clear finish.

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The Premium Rust Inhibitors and Protective Coatings
for Asset & Corrosion Protection

  • Transnet Cranes - Industrial Application

    Proven Protection Even in the Harshest of Environments
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  • Tactical Vehicle-Featured Automotive Project

    "More cars are destroyed by rust than accidents." - AAA
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  • Battleship Texas State

    Serving the Shipping Industry
    Click to read about the USS Texas Restoration.

  • Garage Floor Refinishing

    From Cars to Concrete, Rust Bullet has You Covered
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