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Jim B. - Industrial
I used this under my mower deck, I scraped it, wire brushed it and then used your metal blaster, washed it with hot water and let it dry. I then applied three coats of rust bullet letting it dry to the touch between coats. I will let you know how well it held up this fall when I clean everything up at the end of grass cutting season, Jim
Joe N. - Automotive
Wore mask and gloves - mixed for 3 min, used artist brush. Then painted direct on metal after dremel grinding away rust. Also painted some small spots with light surface rust. next day painted over with my touch-up paint. Extremely easy to use been a few months and still no sign of rust.
Phil M. - Clear Coat for Concrete
I own a performance car dealership and want to change the vibe of a used dealer. I did my entire warehouse showroom floor with this product. It came out excellent and it was an amazing product for the money. I bought the 5 gallon bucket and us 4/5 gallons on 2 coats of my 1500 sq ft warehouse. Concrete was relatively smooth though so keep that in mind.  Read More

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