Protecting your metal assets from rust is crucial, which can lead to substantial costs, compromised safety, and operational inefficiency. Primarily caused by exposure to environmental factors such as moisture, oxygen, and certain chemicals, rust degrades the metal over time, weakening its structure and compromising its performance.

Using a reliable industrial metal coating is the best way to protect your assets. This type of coating forms a protective layer around the metal, shielding it from the environment and significantly extending its lifespan. It also improves the metal’s appearance, making it look cleaner and more polished without affecting its performance.

Rust Bullet’s Industrial Formula Rust Inhibitor is a versatile industrial metal coating product suitable for various sectors, including farming and marine applications. Applying just two coats will provide optimal protection for your metal assets.

Here’s what makes Rust Bullet Industrial coatings unique:

  • Low VOC content – Rust Bullet products contain common Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). We also offer Rust Bullet Industrial Low VOC coatings if you need to meet strict VOC standards. You can trust that these coatings do not contain harmful substances like heavy metals, zinc, chromates, or lead.
  • Effortless application and maintenance – Our industrial metal coating is a one-part multiple-coat urethane that requires minimal surface preparation, reducing waste, labor costs, and other expenses. Maintenance is also straightforward, which means additional savings and increased productivity. If surface preparation is necessary, we recommend using Rust Bullet Metal Blast to etch the metal and dissolve any existing rust.
  • Robust protection – These coatings provide reliable protection, even in harsh conditions, often in commercial and industrial environments. They act like armor, forming a dense, invincible shield that protects, preserves, and repairs the surface. Our patented technology enhances your assets’ resistance to chemicals, chips, scratches, and UV rays, offering superior protection against damaging corrosives and abrasives.

Be sure to prolong the life of your metal assets. You can find our industrial metal coating products here on the Rust Bullet website or through our authorized distributors.