Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete Quart

Do you have concrete floors on your property? Concrete is a common flooring material due to its durability and aesthetic versatility, used in a variety of settings from residential homes to commercial and industrial buildings. However, like all materials, concrete can degrade over time due to factors like weather, physical wear, and chemical exposure.

Protect and extend their lifespan with a high-performance concrete floor coating from Rust Bullet. Our DuraGrade coating is specially formulated to provide excellent protection without the need for acid etching. It creates a durable, high-build coat that safeguards your concrete floors against chemicals, UV exposure, chips, and scratches.

Here’s why DuraGrade is the ideal choice for concrete floor protection:

  • Versatile – DuraGrade performs well on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It’s perfect for garages and car parks, offering protection against hot tire pickup. For added anti-skid properties, we recommend applying Tread-Texas the final coat
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Want a visually appealing concrete floor? DuraGrade works seamlessly with our Color Flakes. Simply apply the flakes onto the wet final coat of our concrete floor coating, and seal them with our DuraGrade Clear as the top coat.
  • VOC-compliant – Rust Bullet DuraGrade has a patent-friendly formulation with lower VOC content, ensuring compliance with standards in all 50 states. It even meets the stringent California VOC Standards.
  • Easy to apply – DuraGrade doesn’t require a primer or base coat, saving you time and effort. You can apply it using a brush, spray equipment, or roller, allowing for quick project completion.
  • Optimal performance – DuraGrade has been rigorously tested against ASTM standards such as abrasion resistance, impact resistance, bend strength, and adhesion bond strength. Rest assured that it delivers top-notch performance.

Experience the benefits of DuraGrade today! Purchase DuraGrade and other Rust Bullet products directly from our website or find a local distributor using our store locator. Say goodbye to searching for a reliable and long-lasting concrete floor coating.