Many people believe that leaving concrete floors untreated will save them both time and money. But this approach can actually lead to several problems. Without protection, concrete floors are highly susceptible to damage from various sources like cleaning products, heavy foot or vehicle traffic, acids, and chemicals. Furthermore, an untreated floor can create an unclean environment and may lead to safety issues (such as becoming more slippery).

To avoid these issues, a robust protective coating for concrete floors is essential.  Rust Bullet DuraGrade is specifically designed to shield concrete surfaces, offering a defense against the types of damage that untreated floors are vulnerable to. By choosing this type of coating, you can maintain the appearance, hygiene, and safety of your concrete floors, ensuring their longevity and functionality.

What is Duragrade?

DuraGrade is a high-performance, versatile coating for garage floors, walkways, and other concrete floors. Aside from enhancing the appearance of these surfaces, it provides a reliable, non-porous shield that simplifies the cleanup of chemical spills, grease, and oil. It also helps protects the floor against atmospheric elements, impacts, and abrasives.

From the leader in rust inhibitors and protective coatings.

Rust Bullet is a respected name in high-quality and innovative protective coatings. The brand’s DuraGrade concrete coatings are ready to use and apply, meaning there is no need to do precise mixing ratios. Unlike traditional epoxy, it can cure at low temperatures within 72 hours, meaning it can be used even during winter.

Suits various applications.

Whether for garage floors, walkways, warehouse floors, or paths, DuraGrade is a versatile concrete coating that adheres well, even without acid etching or any surface preparation. Moreover, it guarantees superior adhesion without requiring a primer, topcoat, or basecoat. Even as a standalone coat, it will resist chemicals, chemicals, chipping, and scratches.

Safer than conventional concrete paints.

One of the benefits of using Rust Bullet is the low VOC formulation that makes it compliant in all 50 states. In addition, it contains no chromates, heavy metals, zinc, or lead, so it meets and exceeds the standards of the EPA for potable water.

Create aesthetically pleasing floors.

Rust Bullet DuraGrade can transform any concrete floor from drab to fab. Add our Color Flakes on top of the final wet concrete coating, then use DuraGrade Clear as the topcoat to keep them in place.

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