Vehicles are often exposed to various elements, including dirt, sunlight, snow, rain, and other external conditions that can damage their metal surfaces and cause rust. If not treated immediately, the corroded areas can react with oxygen and moisture and get worse and more expensive to remedy. That’s why it’s important to have a battle plan even before rust occurs. This is easier with Rust Bullet’s automotive rust converters solutions. Use them as a preventative measure to keep corrosion at bay.

What makes Rust Bullet effective?

Rust Bullet Automotive is a high-quality automotive rust converter that interacts with rust to stabilize it and prevent it from progressing. In addition, it creates a protective layer on affected areas to prevent corrosion. Rust Bullet can be applied to corroded areas to stop corrosion and provide reliable, long-term protection. Its advanced, patented formula resists all corrosive elements a vehicle can encounter anywhere, providing outstanding protection against rust.

How does Rust Bullet work?

Rust Bullet Automotive is specifically formulated for vehicles. With more metals and a thinner texture than Rust Bullet Industrial, it allows for easy application via spray equipment and ensures a smoother finish every time. Even without a topcoat, it will provide superior UV resistance and will be easy to maintain down the line.

Rust Bullet Automotive works by penetrating the corroded metal to dehydrate the rust until it goes to the underlying metal. This way, the resin bonds with rust and establishes a robust coating with outstanding adhesion.

For undercarriages, you can use Rust Bullet’s Undercarriage Kit to treat and prevent corrosion. The kit already includes Rust Bullet BlackShell and Metal Blast, so there’s no need to buy them separately. Use Meta Blast to prepare the surface to ensure superior adhesion on surfaces with poor or minimal adhesive qualities, and BlackShell as a topcoat or standalone protective coating.

An all-around rust converter

Our rust converter formula is versatile for various car parts, including chassis, frames, suspensions, and floor pans. You won’t need to look for other products to protect different sections of the vehicle, including the hard-to-reach areas.

Protect your vehicle with Rust Bullet now!

Buy a Rust Bullet automotive rust converter here or from one of our authorized distributors near you. You can also learn more about Rust Bullet Automotive and other formulations here on this website.