Concrete is a durable surface, but it can get damaged without proper protection. Instead of using typical paints to protect concrete floors, consider using Rust Bullet  DuraGrade Clear Coat for Concrete. This specially formulated product is a high-performance rust-inhibitive coating designed to safeguard concrete floors from scratching, chipping, and other forms of damage.

One of the critical advantages of Rust Bullet’s DuraGrade Clear is its versatility. It can be applied as a standalone coat or used as a top coat. Moreover, it can be directly applied to rusted or clean wood, metal, and other surfaces. Its patented formulation combines excellent corrosion protection, superior adhesion, and reliable abrasion resistance, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and well-protected floors.

Works with DuraGrade Concrete paints

Are you painting your concrete floors in a specific color? Rust Bullet offers DuraGrade Concrete in many colors to suit your unique requirements and preferences. Custom color gallons are also available for any particular color. Plus, you can get the paints in one or five-gallon pails, depending on the size of your project. For decorative purposes, add Rust Bullet’s Color Flakes on top of the final coat while still wet, then seal them with a DuraGrade Clear coat for concrete.

Additionally, you can add an anti-skid finish to the concrete surface with Rust Bullet Tread-Tex. Mix it with DuraGrade Clear before applying it as a final coat.

Proven performance

Here at Rust Bullet, we are very particular with our formulation and the reliability of our products. So, we subjected DuraGrade Clear Coat to different performance tests and passed the most rigorous standards, including ASTM D7234-05 (Pull-Off Adhesion Bond Strength), ASTM D4060 (Taber Abrasion), ASTM D 522-13 (Mandrel Bend), and ASTM D2794 (Impact Resistance).

Increase your concrete floor’s defense against damage.

Try DuraGrade Clear coat for concrete and see the difference! You can buy it here or find a distributor in your area.