Product Comparisons

Rust Bullet® was scientifically tested against the six main ingredients that virtually all rust/corrosion control products contain, using the market leaders as comparisons.

Rust Paint Comparisons

Product Comparisons

This nine stage test method covers the treatment of previously painted or coated specimens for accelerated and atmospheric exposure tests and their subsequent evaluation in respect to corrosion, blistering associated with corrosion, loss of adhesion at a scribe mark, or other film failure.

Final Results


Panel #1
Rust-oleum Rust Metal Primer
Panel #3
Rust-oleum Rust Reformer
Panel #4
Zynolyte Urethane

Panel #5
Rust-oleum Cold Galvanizing
Panel #6
Wasser Brand Sysyem
Panel #7
Navel Jelly Rust Neutralizer

Panel #8
POR-15 System
Panel #9
Hammerite Rust Cap
Panel #10
Control Panel

The Rust Bullet® panel has slight blistering and undercutting along the scribe lines and none around the hole or the edges. There is slight discoloration and some loss of gloss retention

Product Comparison of Rust Bullet
Top Two Competitors in the Scientific Research Tests

Application Step*
Minimum Recommended DFT (dry film thickness) per coat
Approx Sq.Ft covered with 1 Gal. @ Recommended DFT per coat
Cost Per Gallon
>Cost to Cover 400Sq.Ft with Recommended System Thickness Per coat
Rust Bullet®
Rust Bullet 1 3 Mils 400 $177.99* $177.99
Rust Bullet (2nd Coat)   3 Mils 400 $177.99* $177.99
Rust Bullet requires NO TOPCOAT unless a specific color is desired
Total – Little or no preparation and maintenance costs $355.98
* Price Per Gallon as of 3/2020
Wasser (Avg. used for calculation)
MC Miozinc 1 3-4 Mils (3.5) 284.0 $132.70* $186.90
MC Ferrox B 2 3-5 Mils (4.0) 248.5 $88.67* $142.73
MC Luster Topcoat 3 2-3 Mils (2.5) 365.6 $138.40* $151.42
Total Does not include preparation and maintenance costs $481.05
* Price Per Gallon as of 2011
Cleaner/Degreaser 1   350 $24.83* $24.83
Metal Prep 2   350 $37.50* $37.50
POR15 Paint 3 3 Mils >350 $175.66* $175.66
POR15 Paint(2nd Coat) 3 Mils 350 $175.66* $175.66
Top Coat 4 3 Mils 350 $132.45* $132.45
Total – Does not include preparation and maintenance costs $546.10
* Price Per Gallon as of 3/2020

Rust Bullet, POR15, Wasser: Product Comparison

Rust Bullet is proud to inform its customers that its products have been awarded unprecedented two US Patents for its superior technology and environmentally friendly rust preventive products. With this endeavor, Rust Bullet has left competitors like POR 15 far behind in the quest for rust prevention. No other coating on the market has anything like this to back them up. One of the differences is that Rust Bullet simplifies rust prevention by eliminating the need for extensive surface preparation, simply ensure the surface is clean and dry, and start painting. No need to remove all the rust from the surface, just paint over it!  Rust Bullet coatings can be easily applied to a metal surface either by brush roll or spray.  There is also no requirement of a topcoat or an under coat which reduces the overall time and cost. While products like POR15 simply provide a coating on the metal surface, Rust Bullet coatings are specifically designed to penetrate to the metal surface, dehydrate the rust, rendering it inert, and literally kills the rust. This feature helps in better rust prevention for the substrate and attacks rust right at the root level thus offering better longevity and protection. A third big difference is all Rust Bullet Coatings are UV Resistant. Other products like POR15 require a topcoat as their rust inhibitors are not UV resistant.  Rust Bullet Coatings are also more environmentally friendly as compared to other coatings in the market. Our Coatings are developed to emit lower emission which makes them more sustainable. All Rust Bullet Coatings are free from heavy metals, zinc, chromates, and other harsh chemicals. Rust Bullet continues to ensure protection for both your assets and the environment.

* Application Step means a surface preparation, or the application of a required component.

** EXTENSIVE PREPARATION COSTS to total cost of product depending on a variety of techniques, including: Sand Blasting, Needling, Heavy Scraping, and Chemical Treating. In addition to the high cost of preparation, the containment and disposal of the waste created by these extensive preparation procedures in order to comply with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requirements,could be far greater than the initial cost of the product.