rusted metal fence

Iron and its alloys are prone to rusting, and steel is no exception. Constant exposure to oxygen, moisture, and water will speed up rusting and corrosion, damaging structures and costing your business more money. The only way to avoid or at least delay the inevitable is by taking preventive measures, like applying rust protection for steel. Regarding this, only a few products excel—one is Rust Bullet.

Since 2001, Rust Bullet has protected steel assets from rust and corrosion with its selection of high-quality rust-protective and inhibitive coatings. Unlike other rust prevention measures, Rust Bullet improves the surface’s function and resistance to wear and corrosion. How? By providing a reliable, continuous film.

As a moisture-cure urethane, Rust Bullet does not require artificial heat sources or activators to set. The unique aromatic and aliphatic formulation ensures flexibility, durability, and optimum resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and UV light. So, all products, including Rust Bullet Industrial, won’t chalk, turn yellow, or quickly get damaged.

Better than elastomeric coatings

Elastomeric coatings used to be the standard rust protection for steel until Rust Bullet came along. Rust Bullet is a high-performance polyurethane coating with flexible properties, unlike elastomeric formulas. The cross-linking density of branching and short chains result in optimum moisture- and chemical resistance and enhanced adhesive properties. That makes Rust Bullet more reliable in protecting metals from rust and corrosion.

In addition, Rust Bullet products, including Rust Bullet Automotive, have outstanding resistance to abrasion and impact, making them compliant with standards like ASTM D-4060 and ASTM D-2444. The polyurethane coating also meets the ASTM D-522 standard for flexibility.

Low VOCs

Rust Bullet proves that rust protection for steel does not have to harm you or the environment. Automotive and Industrial coatings come in Low VOC versions to meet California VOC standards. They also pass the EPA’s Potable Water Standards, as they contain no heavy metals, zinc, lead, or chromates.

Experience superior rust protection now

Shop Rust Bullet products now to experience the best rust protection for steel. You can also refer to find a distributor near you.