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Videos on rust and corrosion: Learn how real people use Rust Bullet for real-world applications


Got a paint project in mind that you need help with? Wondering how to tackle that rusted car door? Have a concrete floor that needs a bit of TLC, but you don’t know where to start? That corroding rooftop poses a health and safety danger – but how do you go about restoring and protecting it?

Rust Bullet has products that offer solutions to all these challenges…and more.  And you will find unique ideas to address your paint challenges by watching a library of especially curated videos on rust and corrosion.

Real people…real challenges

It’s often fascinating to read static “How to” guides, with their pictures, illustrations and diagrams, to try and learn something new. There’s nothing wrong with reading and learning, especially if the guides and documents are well-written. However, most technical subjects – like rust and corrosion protection – are challenging to explain through the written word. You have to see in order to believe!

And the Rust Bullet curated video collection that we’ve put together here does just that. It brings together a collage of real-world users, addressing real-life rust and corrosion challenges, by using actual Rust Bullet products and accessories.

From Rust Bullet for Automotive uses, to Industrial paints and coatings, to Rust Bullet Concrete paints, these videos explore how the products work, how to apply them, and how they saved the day. These videos on rust and corrosion cover real world situations faced in industrial, commercial and residential situations. What you see are real life situations – not simulated, imagined or hypothetical circumstances.

What makes these videos more powerful is the fact that the users depicted aren’t “specially trained” or “highly qualified” in the use of rust and corrosion inhibitors. They are professional painters, engineers and industrial equipment maintenance specialists who are looking for practical solutions to the bane of concrete, wooden and metal/steel infrastructure – rust and corrosion.

Watch and learn

On reviewing these videos, most people easily relate to the challenges these individuals faced. As a result, the videos show you, almost step-by-step, how they overcame their issues by using specific Rust Bullet products. And because the videos don’t rely on special effects, animation or graphics or image manipulation, they clearly outline the impact of the before-and-after situation. So, what can you expect? Well, there’s no “trick photography” or hidden camera angles used. Just straight-forward point and shoot videography. That’s all you’ll see here.

In reviewing the videos, you should watch how specific Rust Bullet products may help you address unique challenges you face in your own environment. You’ll not only understand the magnitude of the issues, but also the scope of the challenge most Rust Bullet users face in every day situations.

Our collection of videos isn’t meant as a marketing tool. They are informational and educational resources we are sharing for your benefit. We believe that the best way to appreciate the power of Rust Bullet is to watch it in action. We’re sure you’ll learn a lot from our specially selected collection of videos on rust and corrosion. So, watch and learn. Happy viewing!