Although concrete is inherently sturdy, applying high-quality floor coating can significantly improve its strength and durability. And when it comes to premier concrete floor coating solutions, Rust Bullet is undoubtedly leading the market today.

The better alternative to epoxy

Ideal for garages, pathways, patios, and beyond, Rust Bullet offers a long list of advantages that make it so much better than traditional epoxy. Most epoxy products necessitate temperatures above 50°F to function effectively, whereas Rust Bullet can cure even in cooler environments (with temperatures as low as 32°F). This distinct quality renders it a more flexible choice for a wide range of applications.

Easy application, perfect for DIYers

Rust Bullet offers a simple one-step, multiple-coat system, doing away with the need for complicated mixing ratios. It’s ready to go as soon as you open the container. Once applied, Rust Bullet achieves full curing within just 72 hours (compared to the 10 days required for epoxy coatings to cure fully).

Preparation is also significantly simpler compared to epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings require a neutral surface pH, which calls for acid etching and a rough texture, necessitating grinding. In contrast, Rust Bullet only needs a mildly textured surface.

Moreover, repairing breaches in an epoxy coating is a challenging and time-consuming process that usually requires treating a significant area surrounding the breach. This is not a problem with Rust Bullet. Breaches are uncommon, and if they do happen, they can be easily fixed by roughening up the affected area and applying additional coats of Rust Bullet.

By investing in Rust Bullet Concrete Coatings, you’re ensuring enduring protection for your concrete flooring. Depending on the application method and the porosity of the concrete surface, each gallon of Rust Bullet can cover approximately 300-400 square feet per coat. To ensure the best performance, it’s advisable to apply a minimum of two coats.