Rust Bullet isn’t just a metal roof paint—it’s a protective coating designed to enhance the longevity of galvanized metal buildings. Besides shielding against rust and corrosion, Rust Bullet can fortify a metal roof, making it more robust against adverse weather conditions.

When used as instructed, Rust Bullet adheres perfectly to clean galvanized surfaces, offering a durable and protective layer. The application process is also straightforward, as it can be quickly done using a brush, roller, or airless spray system. It’s a cost-effective solution that helps you avoid the costly replacement of roofs or buildings.

See how Rust Bullet Industrial fixed a metal roof.

In this photo gallery, you can see how Rust Bullet was used to repair a typical barn roof. The roof—with about 80% of the zinc worn away—needed more than just a new coat of metal roof paint. It was treated directly with Rust Bullet without any prior preparation. The product was sprayed effortlessly using an airless spray gun, covering the rusty sheet metal comprehensively.

Rust is often called the bane of iron and steel. It has been causing substantial financial losses over time, especially for farmers. Factors such as wet environments, corrosive chemicals, fertilizers, and non-neutral soils contribute to the destruction of buildings and equipment. While zinc galvanizing and ordinary metal roof paint can offer temporary relief from rust, they often flake away after a short period, and the problem reoccurs. Most paints also necessitate labor-intensive and error-prone processes like sanding, sandblasting, or acid etching to remove rust before application. In contrast, the application of Rust Bullet on the barn roof shown in this case took just one hour, excluding drying time.

Rust Bullet Industrial is the ideal protective coating solution for sheet metal buildings and roofs in agricultural environments. It eliminates the need for costly replacements by providing durable rust and corrosion control.

Perfect for home and farm projects, Rust Bullet Industrial is an excellent choice for all your rust control needs—from safeguarding large metal structures and equipment to touching up small areas around your home.