Rust Inhibitor Paint

Bus Conversion Miracle Product: Rust Bullet

We at Rust Bullet love a good home project. In recent years, we’ve seen the DIY community embrace the conversion of school buses and VW buses into campers, RVs, commercial businesses and even “tiny homes”. These projects are a lot of work, but we celebrate the breathing of life back into vehicles once destined for […]

How Do I Stop Rust From Spreading on My Car?

Rust is a plague to many car owners, especially those who live near salt water and those who experience heavy winters where road salts are heavily relied upon. Several methods are available to stop rust and corrosion, but which method is easiest and lasts the longest? Conventional Ways to Stop Rust According to Popular Mechanics, […]

Remodeling a Car? Rust Bullet Automotive is Your Answer

We guarantee our product will work for you for at least 10 years. According to extensive independent scientific testing, Rust Bullet is the most effective, longest lasting, easiest to use rust/corrosion-control product on the market. Rust Bullet Automotive Formula has been awarded Two United States Patents for its advanced technologies, providing phenomenal adhesion and superior protection. If you […]

Make Your Boat Look Like New

Did you know that Rust Bullet is made for marine as well? Rust Bullet provides durable surface protection from physical abuse, thermal shock, chemical exposure, and UV light. ] Surfaces coated with Rust Bullet are provided with phenomenal protection against the abrasive salt water atmosphere found in the marine environment, keeping your ship, powerboat, or fishing […]

Anti-Rust Protection That Actually Kills Rust

There are three main types of exposure to which coatings are subjected: atmospheric exposure, immersion, and underground exposure. The main difference between atmospheric exposure, immersion, and underground exposure is weather resistance. A coating under atmospheric exposure must endure a variety of conditions, including heating and cooling, oxidation and wetting and drying. Immersion coatings are primarily […]

Advantages Provided By a Rust Inhibitor Paint

How does rust affect the economy? According to a study conducted in the US, as much as $276 billion dollars are spent due to corrosion. This amount of money is no joke and if there are ways of preventing rust from costing this much, everybody really should know about them in order to save money […]