Rust and corrosion have been an age-old menace for industries, businesses and even ordinary consumers. So, traditionally, manufacturers of rust inhibitor solutions threw everything they had into the problem. Sure, the end-result usually worked – but at a cost! The use of lead, heavy metal and other chemicals and additives, in the manufacture of such solutions, posed a significant threat to the environment. But not anymore!

Rust Bullet’s ProPLUS formula has taken environmentally friendly rust prevention to a new level!

The menace of rust and corrosion

Corrosion, usually brought about by rust, costs U.S. businesses and consumers millions of dollars each year. And that doesn’t even factor in the cost of inconvenience and lost opportunity caused as a result of rusted cars, SUVs and Crossovers. But as businesses and consumers realized the toll – on the environment – from existing rust prevention solutions, they began to demand alternate solutions.

Paint and corrosion inhibitor manufacturers switched to water-based versions of their products, but those came with a tradeoff. Although these “innovations” were more environmentally friendly than their predecessors, they were typically low performers. The challenge therefore was: How can manufacturers adhere to environmental protection standards, while at the same time deliver high performance rust prevention products to consumers and businesses.

Reno, NV-based Rust Bullet is a pioneer in developing rust inhibitors that balance both those priorities through a single product.

Fighting rust while protecting the environment

The environment has been front and center in recent years. There is growing pressure for manufacturing, including paint and corrosion prevention product makers, to review their production processes to make them less of a threat to the Ozone layer. The industry responded with low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) products.

Well, traditionally, consumers would look upon low VOC rust inhibitive coatings with suspicion. There has been skepticism that low VOC, which is an environmentally friendly standard, and effectiveness don’t go hand in hand. Well – not anymore!

Rust Bullet’s ProPLUS formula delivers high-effectiveness in a single environmentally friendly package. The company, which has two patents issued by the U.S. patent office for their rust prevention technology, has a track record of introducing rust inhibitors that contain no lead, chromates or heavy metals. But, in addition to environmental protection, with ProPLUS you’ll also get:

  • Significantly higher adhesion than any peer products out there
  • Higher abrasion resistance
  • Extended corrosion protection
  • Chip, scratch and UV resistance
  • Accelerated application time because no top coat is necessary

The best thing about this rust inhibitor is that it now puts the same rust-prevention capabilities in the hands of consumers that was previously available to industrial and commercial users of the Rust Buller Standard and Automotive solutions. Combined with its low cost and extensive coverage – one gallon covers approximately 300 square feet – ProPLUS makes fighting rust and corrosion easy and cost effective for consumers.

It’s no wonder that 50 U.S. Air Quality Management Districts, including California – where the environmental standards bar is exceptionally high – deem this one component, 97 VOC g/l solution to be fully compliant.