Did you know that Rust Bullet is made for marine as well? Rust Bullet provides durable surface protection from physical abuse, thermal shock, chemical exposure, and UV light.

Surfaces coated with Rust Bullet are provided with phenomenal protection against the abrasive salt water atmosphere found in the marine environment, keeping your ship, powerboat, or fishing buddy safe and like new for years to come.

Not only does Rust Bullet kill rust, but it protects against future corrosive invasions, adds strength and longevity to virtually all substrates, and will provide for a wide variety of applications in the harsh marine environment. Rust Bullet will provide protection to the exterior and interior of both above and below waterline surfaces against corrosion, wear, and abrasion.

Rust Bullet Coatings will perform like a lifeguard for ships, docks, seawalls, bridges and ocean-front structures.

To demonstrate Rust Bullet’s ability to withstand the harsh marine environment, Rust Bullet was subjected to The Seawater Spray (Fog) Chamber Test, ASTM B117.

This Salt Water Spray Test is considered to be the toughest weathering test that a coating can undergo.

Rust Bullet was tested according to the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standards and the more stringent specifications of the United States Navy. Rust Bullet outperformed the market leaders in rust and corrosion control products.

Rust Bullet has been applied to Tugboats, too,  saving thousands of dollars in costly replacements, and putting them back into use. Do you have a vessel that you’d love to turn around? There’s only one way to battle boat rust, and it’s with Rust Bullet. The best rust stain remover for boats is hands down Rust Bullet, we’re even approved by the Navy!

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to add a protective coating to a fiberglass boat, or trying to protect a fiberglass gel coat, we can even help you stop rust on your boat trailer. If you’ve been wondering how ships prevent rust, it’s with Rust Bullet.

Be the first one out this summer, or finally turn that old tugboat around, contact Rust Bullet today.