Many know that Rust Bullet has exceptional rust inhibitive  properties for cars. Fewer people may know that governments and ports across the world use Rust Bullet Industrial to stop rust on a variety of marine applications, including steel fuel tanks, bridges, ships, and boats. Dense fog, moisture, and salt are no match for Rust Bullet Industrial. In this article, we take a look at some personal-use marine paint and rust inhibitor applications for Rust Bullet Industrial.

Rust Inhibitive Marine Paint Is Only Necessary for Giant Naval Ships, Right?

Although Rust Bullet Industrial is tough enough to stop rust on aquatic vehicles as large as aircraft carriers, this product is just as effective on personal-use boats. We pulled some great information about personal-use boats from

Although Rust Bullet will not help prevent rust on aluminum boats as aluminum does not rust (it corrodes), most of these boats have steel parts that Rust Bullet can easily protect. Here is a brief list of some of the boats us regular folks may acquire for fishing, cruising, and more.


A dinghy is a small boat, usually 7–12 feet in length. They are usually powered by oars, small outboards, or sails. Often carried or towed by a larger boat for going ashore. Low cost and an excellent choice for those new to boating.


As the name implies, houseboats are floating houses. They are either outboard or inboard-propelled and range from 25 to 150 feet in length. Just like a house, they have full kitchens, bedrooms, and living and dining areas. They are the ultimate family boat. They are generally found on quieter bodies of water since they have low freeboards and are built on a barge-like hull.


The skiff is similar to a Jon boat. They are another entry level boat. They are especially good for boating in shallow water. They can have flat or cathedral shaped hulls. Many have console from which to steer .

Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats have 2 or 3 aluminum tubes that support a broad platform. They have shallow drafts and are very stable. They are usually found on inland lakes and rivers and other small bodies of water. Used for cruising, fishing and water sports. Powered by an outboard or stern-drive. Lengths from 15–30 feet.

Boats are great investment purchases, but only when the purchaser commits to regular marine maintenance such as rust prevention. Not only can you apply Rust Bullet to various parts of your boat, but you can also use Rust Bullet to help you increase the longevity of your boat trailer and the truck you use to pull it.

Is POR15 Rust Remover or Rust Bullet Industrial More Effective for My Boat?

POR15 suggests that POR15 Rust Remover is great for boat parts. This product might remove rust from certain boat parts, but can it be trusted to prevent rust in the future?

Rust Bullet Industrial covers approximately 400 square feet, per gallon, per coat, depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate. A minimum two coat application is required. Our product not only kills rust, but it also prevents the return of rust!

Rust Bullet Industrial Special Features

Rust Bullet Industrial is the easiest rust inhibitor product to apply to boats. Application to those difficult-to-reach spots is easy with a sprayer, roller or brush.

Our product can stop rust without need for a primer or top coat. It can be used as a stand-alone protective coating for your iron or steel and it can be applied directly over painted, unpainted, or rusty surfaces. It’s also the toughest and most reliable product available providing UV resistance, scratch resistance and chip resistance.


USS Texas Saved with Rust Bullet

USS Texas Saved with Rust Bullet


Rust Bullet Saving the Tug Boats

Rust Bullet Saving the Tug Boats