We at Rust Bullet love a good home project. In recent years, we’ve seen the DIY community embrace the conversion of school buses and VW buses into campers, RVs, commercial businesses and even “tiny homes”. These projects are a lot of work, but we celebrate the breathing of life back into vehicles once destined for the junk pile. In this article we discuss how people use converted buses, the difficulties of bus conversion and how Rust Bullet can aid in the transformative process.

Bus Conversion Uses

School bus conversions may have been popularized by events such as Burning Man, but other folks use these buses in increasingly inventive ways. A number of companies have created mobile gymnastics facilities inside school buses.

Need some ideas for your bus conversion? Pinterest has about a million.

Here are just a few examples of the infinite ingenuity of bus conversion fanatics.

What Challenges Do Bus Conversions Pose?

 The biggest challenge facing bus conversion projects is rust. Rust doesn’t just affect the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, it also deteriorates the structural integrity. You don’t want to endanger yourself, your family or the public by traveling around in or occupying a rusted vehicle.

Moisture can quickly infiltrate the metals on a bus and weaken the entire system. Applying Rust Bullet  can quickly and effectively cease rust issues and strengthen your bus.

Chlorides also deteriorate the undercarriage of a bus. They can be found in everyday products such as road salt. Your bus likely comes into contact with these chemicals daily, especially in colder climates.

Fight moisture, chlorides and rust by applying Rust Bullet over rusted metal. Rust Bullet penetrates the substrate, dehydrates the rust, until reaching the metal. This allows the resin to become intertwined with the rust, then becomes part of the coating and solidifies into an armor tough coating with phenomenal adhesion.

Rust Bullet offers a number of fantastic features including:

  • No Topcoat Requirement
  • UV, Chemical, Scratch and Chip Resistant
  • Little to No Surface Prep
  • Superior Patented Technology
  • Two United States Patents

Other rust paint and rust prevention sprays are effective for weeks and in some cases months. Rust Bullet can last up to ten years if properly applied!

 How Can Rust Bullet Help with Bus Conversions?

 According to extensive independent scientific testing, Rust Bullet is the most effective, longest lasting, easiest to use corrosion-control product on the market. Rust Bullet’s Automotive Formula has been awarded Two United States Patents for its advanced technologies, providing phenomenal adhesion and superior protection.

If you want to combat the rust in your converted bus and protect it for years to come, you need Rust Bullet. Why? Because our product seriously kills rust. There is no other product on the market today that has even come to close to ours.

You can use Rust Bullet Automotive and Rust Bullet Automotive Low VOC for all your automotive applications including undercarriages, frames, floor pans, rocker panels, suspension and much more.

Our Automotive Formula contains more metal and is a bit thinner than our Industrial Formula allowing for an easy application with HVLP automotive finishing guns, as well as brush or roller, and provides a smoother finish that is usually desired for automotive projects.

Purchase Rust Bullet today!