Rust is the bane of any asset owner’s existence!  Whether you own residential or commercial assets, or whether it’s an industrial or government-owned asset, the nightmare prevails. Rust doesn’t care if the asset is mechanical, electrical or pneumatic in nature. Nor does it stop to think twice if there’s concrete, tin or iron involved. If the asset is exposed to moisture and humidity, rust will find its way to it. Once rust does get a hold on your asset, unless you’re quick to react, the asset will likely depreciate quickly!

So, what can asset owners do about rust prevention?

Understanding what to do

Rust, when left untreated, has the propensity to do significant damage to assets. In some instances, the rust isn’t even visible – probably hidden under the covers or beneath layers of paint – silently eating away at the asset. By the time you discover it, rust causes a significant amount of destruction to the assets.

The first impulse of any asset owner, be it a car, a piece of farming equipment, or pieces of industrial machinery, upon discovering the asset rusting, is to run for the paint can. Not so fast! Before you start applying coats of paint, understand what you are doing. In most instances, the application of a paint requires prepping the surface, applying a primer, working with top coats, finishing and then polishing.

So, instead of working “after the fact”, why not do things the smart way and work proactively to prevent rust before it takes hold. Products like rust inhibitors from do just that!

  • Firstly, they help prevent, as opposed to treat, the “disease” called rust
  • Next, if rust does attack a piece of asset, these rust inhibitor paints work aggressively to deal with the problem – quickly!
  • And finally, because of their chemical structure, these paints and inhibitors are long-lasting, chip resistant and can withstand harsh climate of the outdoors, including scorching heat, chilling cold and merciless UV rays

The best thing about products like Rust Bullet LLC Industrial rust inhibitors, is that they are extremely cost effective to apply. And because they last so much longer than most competing products out there, the cost-savings multiply over time!

Putting rust inhibitors under scrutiny

So, why use a specific rust inhibitor? Won’t any rust inhibiting paint or coating do the job? Well, not really! And to understand why that’s not true, you need to put your rust inhibitor under the microscope:

  • Firstly, the product you want is something that doesn’t cause environmental damage. That’s why you should always choose something that’s rated low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These products contain fewer environmentally-unfriendly particles and, therefore, are less of a threat to the ozone layer
  • Next, you should always choose a product that’s easy to apply. While you do need to deal with your rust problem effectively, you don’t want it to be a project unto itself! Rust Bullet products work right out of the can, and you can typically apply them using multiple modes – paint gun, roller or brush. The faster you complete the application, the quicker your assets receive rust protection!
  • And of course, the whole point of prevention is to save you money in the long run. So, what good is a product that requires three, five or seven cans to deal with the problem, when there are better alternatives that can do the job with just a single can! The Rust Bullet formula enables the product to cover a much larger area, thereby requiring lesser product to deal with the issue.

Not every rust inhibitor product comes with these qualities built-in, therefore it is essential that, before you buy your paints, give them a thorough assessment to ensure you receive value for money. Read the specifications carefully, compare testing certifications, and understand the application guidelines for best use.

Additionally, to get the best results from your investment, make sure to follow manufacturer recommendations on product preparation, use and storage. Embracing these simple measures will go a long way towards keeping rust at bay from your assets.

True best-in-class capability

Any rust inhibitor or rust-prevention solution worth using, is one that comes with proven best of breed functionality. And that means using a single-product solution. With best-in-class paints and rust inhibitors from , you’ll typically require a single product – no top coating, finishing or polishing required. In rare cases, prep and coatings may be in order – but those are exceptions.

So, what does that mean for asset owners, like those that own and operate large fleets of trucks or vans, or those that maintain sprawling facilities like oil refineries or chemical plants? Well, these features translate to better rust protection – there’s no doubt about that! But when all’s said and done, they also translate to real cost savings. That’s because they allow asset owners to do more for less: Less time, and lesser cost!