According to extensive independent scientific testing, Rust Bullet is the most effective, longest lasting, easiest to use rust/corrosion-control product on the market. Rust Bullet Automotive Formula has been awarded Two United States Patents for its advanced technologies, providing phenomenal adhesion and superior protection.

If you want to save your car from rust and protect it for years to come, you need Rust Bullet. Why? Because our product seriously kills rust. There is no other product on the market today that has even come close to our superior product, we don’t imagine any coming along too soon.

So, what are the biggest threats to your car, or remodeled hot rod? Well, rust. And it’s caused by:

Moisture: Water and dampness can quickly infiltrate the metals on a car and weaken the entire system. Applying a Rust Bullet Coating can quickly and effectively cease rust issues and strengthen your car.

Chlorides: These chemicals can be found in everyday products such as road salt. Your car likely comes into contact with these chemicals daily, especially in colder climates.

Real World Applications

Not only are chlorides on the road in the winter months, but the chemicals seep into the road and are present throughout the year. Using a protective coating like Rust Bullet can help shield your car from the salt embedded into the roads and extend the life of the vehicle as well.

You can use Rust Bullet Automotive for all your Automotive Applications including undercarriages, frames, floor pans, rocker panels, suspension and much more.

Our Automotive Formula contains more metal and is a bit thinner than our Industrial Formula allowing for an easy application with HVLP automotive finishing guns, as well as brush or roller, and provides a smoother finish that is usually desired for automotive projects.

Protect your car from corrosion and deterioration.

Rust Bullet is easy to use and provides the real protection your car needs to fight the elements as well as the roads.  Learn more about rust causes and how to protect your car here!

Stop the rust on your car’s undercarriage, nail down where it’s coming from and learn how to stop rust on a car frame, or just fix small rust spots on your car.

Neutralizing rust on cars has never been easier, don’t believe us? Check out some of our projects.