rust bullet

Rust and corrosion are likely the greatest threats faced by infrastructure owners and operators. Together, if not confronted earlier and appropriately, these two silent killers quickly eat through the core of industrial and commercial structures, including bridges, highways, buildings, communication towers and warehouses, to leave them vulnerable to other forces of nature.

But winning the battle against rust and corrosion isn’t hard to do. With today’s industrial formula rust inhibitor coatings, businesses can protect and significantly extend the life of their commercial assets. And, it’s not only good for your assets – it’s also great for your bottom line!

The Real Cost of Rust and Corrosion

Many commercial and industrial business owners, who own, lease or operate heavy equipment or other infrastructure, assume that dealing with the aftermath of rust and corrosion is part of the natural cost of doing business. But where they differ is on the real cost of investments they make in painting and corrosion protection strategies. Sometimes, especially in a razor-thin margin competitive environment, those costs make the difference between surviving, thriving or simply going bust!

According to a study by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE):

“…the total annual estimated direct cost of corrosion in the U.S. is a staggering $276 billion—approximately 3.1% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”

To put things in perspective, if your company has a $1.5 million annual operating budget (which would likely be the case for a medium to large industrial or commercial infrastructure company), corrosion would eat up $46,500 of that budget every year. Over a course of a 10-year period, that would amount to a staggering $460,000 – and that’s without accounting for inflation.

But there’s more! The real cost of rust and corrosion includes the cost:

  • to replace rusted and corroded equipment, components and structures
  • of work interruptions and stoppages resulting from malfunctioning of such infrastructure
  • resulting from accidents or other incidents caused by corroded and rusted parts and components
  • that you’ll pay as a result of brand and image damage sustained when clients and business partners become aware of the rusted and corroded environment you operate in

When you add it all up, the real cost of reactive engagement in dealing with corrosion and rust is much higher than the apparent cost of painting over rust and corrosion. But, by being proactive, businesses can do a lot to prevent corrosion. What you pay for, in terms of implementing proactive corrosion protection strategies, multiplies manifold and shows up in your bottom line.

Corrosion Protection at Its Best

The NACE report defines corrosion as a “Natural but controllable process”. And that’s exactly what products like Rust Bullet do – it helps stop rust and corrosion dead in its tracks. This product works great for almost any commercial and industrial application, including marine, commercial, industrial, home, farm, and anything in-between. Obviously, cost is a factor of application. And the industrial formula Rust Bullet has you covered there too. A single application of one gallon of this industrial-strength corrosion protector provides coverage to nearly 400 square feet.

Being proactive about corrosion protection isn’t just good common sense. It’s also good business sense!