Let’s face it – Rust is ugly! And sometimes, especially when the automobile, equipment or asset already has a natural color or painted surface, you may hesitate to implement rust prevention on it. The typical fear is that such measures may impact the ambiance of the asset. Using a clear paint to prevent rust is one way to address those concerns.

All-in-one environmentally-friendly beauty and protection  

When rust strikes, it strikes hard, destroying the natural appearance and structural integrity of assets – be they of concrete, metal or wood construction. If you have newer assets, like a fleet of automobiles or farming equipment, that are likely to become targets of rust. Because of the environment they operate in, therefore, it makes sense to add an ounce of proactive rust protection to them.

Yet, asset owners strive to be environmentally-sensitive and good stewards of their assets. And there’s a challenge in meeting both these mandates using traditional paint solutions. With new environmental protection standards in place, older rust inhibitor technologies just won’t cut it. Their VOC-ratings mean they are risky for the environment, because they expunge out more harmful particles in the atmosphere than required.

But DuraGrade Clear, the Rust Bullet clear paint to prevent rust is up to the task.

An Ultra-Low VOC-rated product, rated at just 49 g/L of VOCs, it is compliant with EPA standards enforced across all jurisdictions in America, and most international jurisdictions too. That means maintenance crews around the world may use it without harming the environment.

Turning back to the asset stewardship challenge. These paints are ideally positioned to proactively keep rust at bay and extend and preserve the life of assets such as farm equipment and automotive. The clear finish means these assets have built-in protection when operating in environments where rust and corrosion thrives.

The result: Less down-time due to reactive maintenance caused by rusting. As an added advantage, there’ll be definite cost savings too!

A real money-saver

Rust Bullet clear paint to prevent rust has another useful feature that makes it particularly attractive for commercial and industrial rust protection strategies. If you are satisfied with the state of paint coating on your current assets, there’s no need to scrape, sand-down and repaint them with a rust inhibitor first, and then top coat them with a paint of choice. DuraGrade Clear offers a better alternative.

Instead of using two products to protect your assets, simply apply DuraGrade, as a top coat, to an existing coat of paint. Its clear form will coat the asset, allowing the original characteristics of the assets to shine through – but with one added difference. Those assets, whether they are concrete buildings, wooden sheds, steel structures or fleets of vehicles, while having their original paint intact, now have an additional layer of rust prevention.

The use of this clear paint to prevent rust adds years of rust-free operational life to assets. The paint is also non-yellowing, chemical, scratch and chip resistant – which means you’ll never have to repaint for a while.