Rust Bullet is more than just a coating for metal roofs – it is a formidable shield that offers unrivaled protection against rust and corrosion. Specifically engineered to safeguard galvanized metal buildings and roofs, Rust Bullet not only fortifies these structures but also reinforces their resistance against harsh weather elements.

When applied according to the recommended instructions, Rust Bullet Coatings adhere perfectly to clean galvanized surfaces without any problems. Applying Rust Bullet is a straightforward process and can be done quickly using a brush, roller, or airless spray system. By using Rust Bullet, you can avoid the expense of replacing roofs or buildings altogether.

Watch Rust Bullet in action.

Farmers experience considerable economic losses due to rust, which can damage buildings and equipment in wet environments with corrosive chemicals and fertilizers, as well as non-neutral soils. Zinc galvanizing and ordinary metal roof paint can temporarily inhibit rust, but they ultimately deteriorate, causing the problem to recur. Conventional metal roof paint also requires the removal of rust through labor-intensive methods like sanding, sandblasting, acid etching, or other mechanical techniques prior to application. This process is prone to errors.

In contrast, Rust Bullet not only protects against rust and corrosion but also fortifies the metal roof, making it more durable than ever. You will see in this video that a 48,000-sf galvanized metal roof in a farm setting, badly in need of repair or replacement due to Stage 3 and 4 corrosion, was coated with Rust Bullet Standard Formula.

The project needed only a crew of three people. They applied two coats with a thickness of 12 mil DFT, completing the entire project—including preparation and cleanup—in just five days!

By choosing Rust Bullet for the repair, the customer saved over $300,000. Furthermore, the durable protective coating will continue to save them money in the future by reducing the need for repairs and replacement for many years to come.