We at Rust Bullet have spent years studying the industries affected by rust and how we can help them. We aren’t the only ones, though. Other companies such as Por-15 and Permatex have also endeavored to fight rust and the losses associated with corroded metals. Given that there are options for consumers to choose from, what criteria should they use to select the perfect metal rust treatment for their application?

First Off, How Does a Rust Treatment Work?

Our products at Rust Bullet are designed to treat already rusted surfaces as well as to prevent future rust from forming. Our products are highly effective at preventing rust on iron alloys, iron and other metallic surfaces. Our products restore the health and functionality to metals previously corroded by rust.

What Are Some Good Applications for Rust Treatments?

Permatex markets their rust treatment products as effective at preventing rust on the following surfaces: plows, storage tanks, agricultural equipment, snow removal equipment, trucks, bulkheads, fences, overheads, guard rails, hatch covers, trailers, valves, decks and pipes. Permatex suggests that their products are best used for body, interior and trim.

Rust Bullet products work wonderfully at combating rust on the surfaces previously mentioned. Also note that our DuraGrade Concrete products are exceptional at creating superior protective coatings for concrete surfaces.

What Are the Differences Between Permatex and Rust Bullet?

We don’t wish to make any definitive claims about another company’s products, so instead, we’ll suggest to you factors that you should consider when deciding which rust treatment spray is best for your purposes.

Rust Bullet is easily the most effective and longest lasting rust treatment available.

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