Professional Grade Clear Coat for Concrete Rust Inhibitor Coating

  • Beautiful, Water Clear, Gloss, Anti-Skid Finishing Top Coat for Rust Bullet for Concrete Coating
  • UV, Chemical, Scratch and Chip Resistant, Non-Yellowing
  • Excellent Resistance to Peeling, or Lifting Caused From Hot Tire Pick Up
  • Use to Seal Decorative Flake or to Create a Safe Anti-Skid Finish
  • Covers approximately 300 square feet, per gallon, per coat, depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate. A minimum two coat application is required.

Product Information

Rust Bullet has added a new product to our growing line of protective coatings. A clear, single component urethane developed as a glossy anti-skid top coat for the Rust Bullet for Concrete Coating. Clear Coat for Concrete is durable, UV resistant, non-yellowing, scratch and chip resistant and has excellent chemical resistance. Clear Coat for Concrete also has excellent resistance to peeling, cracking and chipping caused from hot tire pick up. This special formulation contains an anti-skid aggregate, eliminating the need to buy separately or worrying about compatibility. Use to seal in decorative flake or to create an anti-skid gloss finish. Easily applied by brush or roller.