Automotive Applications

Recent Testimonials

We have used a few different kinds of “rust paint” including por, rust bullet has stood up a lot better over time compared to the others and is easier to work with when doing paint or bodywork. The only downside is that brake fluid will eat it off. Other than that it is my favorite as it doesn’t fade as much or chip as easily as the others. So I use only rust bullet now.

– Anthony B.

I started using Rustbullet Automotive 6yrs ago while restoring a 1927 Model T Fordor. It saved many parts from the scrap yard by eliminating the need to have them media-blasted. 6 years later that Fordor and 5 other earlier Model T’s have the Rustbullet rust paint without any sign of failure. I love it !

– Donald B.

Case Studies

Rust PaintApplication to the undercarriage of a Mustang 1965 in California, USA

– Automotive Undercarriage – 1965 Mustang

Rust PaintApplication to a 1973 Bronco Chassis

– 1973 Bronco Chassis Application in Reno, NV