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Paint Reviews: Powerful store locator adds speed and convenience to paint projects


If you have a significant amount of capital tied into your industrial, commercial or residential assets, you’re probably always worried about repair and maintenance. Whether it’s a house, a factory building, your garage floor, a fleet of vehicles or machinery and equipment, rusting and corrosion is likely the number one concern. And the best way to protect assets from rust and corrosion is to use a trusted inhibitor paint.

And trusted paint reviews are the best way to guide your decision on which paint to use.

Reviewing it right

The problem with reviewing reviews is that you don’t always know where to start, and what to look for. And, in order to make sure you get what you are looking for from the reviews, you need to ensure you read the right reviews. Of course, there may be the odd “fake” review – but typically, an average reviewer can spot those from a mile away. Besides, with so much attention on “fake news” these days, legislators, search engines and social media platforms are themselves policing review sites and ejecting the fakes.

So, what’s the right way to benefit from RustBullet paint reviews?

  • Start at the company’s Product Reviews You’re likely to see what real customers of the company’s products say about the ones they’ve used. In some cases, the individuals posting the reviews offer feedback on their experiences that could aid you in your painting project
  • Next, visit Com’s product review site. This site is dedicated to all things off road, including paints and accessories for off road vehicles. The users posting comments here are die-hard off-roaders. So, if you are in the market for an automotive pint or rust inhibitor, this is a site where you could get some helpful reviews
  • A great place to learn from product reviews is from online sale sites like Amazon. Why? Because these sites ensure that only valid purchasers of products offer reviews. So, in many ways, there’s a strong likelihood that the reviews are authentic. Learning from real people that used a RustBullet product can help you in future painting projects
  • Concerned about “unnatural reviews” that are driven by Bots and algorithms? Well, in that case, you can rely on sites like Review Meta for your product reviews. The site analyzes meta data from Amazon product reviews, and filters out any such reviews suspected of inauthenticity
  • Another great source for RustBullet Automotive product reviews is Super Chevy. Unlike four or five-sentence reviews, like in most other review sites, the paint reviews here are extensive, covering every aspect of the product – from qualities and characteristics, to application techniques and best results tips and tricks.

Getting feedback from multiple reviewers is a great way to educate and inform your decision about which paint manufacturers are reliable, what products are best for which application, and how best to use specific products for individual uses. Not surprisingly, RustBullet scores high on all those counts and more, regardless of which site you go to.