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Recent Testimonials

We have been using this rust inhibitor for 16 years here in Albuquerque, NM. All their representatives and managers have always been extremely helpful in getting us their product in a timely manner, and is a very durable. We would recommend their products for any industrial tasks.

– Gail K. – 2926 NM Steam Locomotive

Used two different rust “converter “ products on steel fuel tanks 3 years ago. At same time nearby I used your Rust Bullet rust inhibitor. Had a new job taking back to those sites. Was surprised the tanks treated with the converter products and top coated looked as bad as they first did 3 years ago. Sites are in a constant fog and marine air environment. The tanks I used Rust Bullet on and used the same top coat only had about a 5 percent surface area needing rework. Obviously used RB exclusively as new under coats. Lesson learned don’t waste money on Converter products

– Karl H.