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Recent Testimonials

I own a performance car dealership and want to change the vibe of a used dealer. I did my entire warehouse showroom floor with this concrete paint. It came out excellent and it was an amazing product for the money. I bought the 5 gallon bucket and us 4/5 gallons on 2 coats of my 1500 sq ft warehouse. Concrete was relatively smooth though so keep that in mind.

– Phil M.

Used the clear Anti Skid to top coat my new shop floor. Was painted with Rust Bullet concrete paint, then Rust Bullet Blue and we added gold flakes on top of the Blue Rust Bullet, when dry we swept up loose flakes and top coated with the Clear Anti Skid. This system is tough and easy to install compared to epoxy, it is tough and we have driven everything on it already. I would recommend and have recommended this to others over using epoxy. Will use this system again if the need arises….

– James R.