Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete High-Performance

Indoor & Outdoor Easy to Apply Concrete Coatings

in Vibrant Colors for Garage Floors, Basements,

Porch, Patio and More.- 

Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete

The Award-Winning Garage Floor Paint and Concrete Coating Solution


Choosing the right garage floor paint and concrete coating is crucial for ensuring durability, aesthetics, and ease of application. Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete has been recognized as the best in the market, with its numerous benefits making it the top choice for both homeowners and professionals. Recently, DuraGrade Concrete has been named Best Floor Paints for Garages: 2023 by, a leading online platform for industrial product sourcing and supplier discovery.

Key Advantages of Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete:


  • Single-Part Coating: No mixing of additional components required, simplifying the application process.
  • Surface Preparation: No acid etching or grinding required, saving time and effort during surface preparation.
  • Environmentally Friendly Low in VOC’s: Compliant in all 50 states, making it an environmentally responsible choice.
  • UV Resistant: No yellowing, ensuring a long-lasting, attractive finish for outdoor use.
  • No Primer or Topcoat Required: Streamlines the application process and reduces overall project costs.
  • Scratch and Stain Resistant: Offers excellent resistance to scratches and stains, maintaining a pristine appearance.
  • Chemical and Road Salt Resistant: Provides protection against harmful chemicals and road salts, ensuring longevity and durability.
  • Excellent Adhesion: High resistance to peeling, ensuring a long-lasting, reliable coating.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Requires only periodic inspections and touch-ups for lasting protection and appearance.
  • Hot Tire Lift Resistant: Helps prevent damage caused by hot tires.
  • Low-Temperature Application: Can be applied in temperatures as low as 35°, making it suitable for various climates.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for basements (moisture testing required) and in-home use, providing a versatile solution for various spaces, Porches, Patios, or any concrete project you want to protect and enhance.
  • DIY Friendly: Easy to apply with a 2-hour working pot life, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts.
  • High-Performance Indoor & Outdoor Coatings: Offers a durable and attractive finish for garage floors, basements, porches, patios, and more in multiple vibrant colors.
  • Award-Winning Quality: Named Best Floor Paints for Garages: 2023 by, reflecting the superior performance of DuraGrade Concrete.


In Summary:


Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete is the best garage floor paint and concrete coating on the market due to its single-part composition, simplified surface preparation, low VOC’s, UV stability, elimination of primer or topcoat requirements, excellent scratch and stain resistance, chemical and road salt resistance, outstanding adhesion, ease of maintenance, resistance to hot tire lift, low-temperature application, versatile use, DIY-friendly nature, and high-performance indoor and outdoor coatings. With the recognition from as Best Floor Paints for Garages: 2023, Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete has proven its superiority in quality and durability, making it the top choice for enhancing the appearance, durability, and longevity of various concrete surfaces.


Why is Rust Bullet DuraGrade Better Than Traditional Epoxy Paint?

Rust Bullet is a one-part multiple coat process. This means there is no messy precise mixing ratios. Rust Bullet is fully cured at around 72 hours after the last coat is applied. Epoxy coatings generally take 7-10 days to fully cure, some even require force curing. Additionally, Rust Bullet can cure at temperatures as low as 32°F, which is advantageous during the winter months. Epoxy coatings require temperatures above 50°F.

The preparation required to use Rust Bullet is minimal as opposed to an epoxy coating. With an epoxy, the ph must be neutral, and the pores of the concrete must be opened, therefore, acid etching and grinding of the floor is required. This is definitely not the case with Rust Bullet. In most cases, you simply remove contaminates from the surface by dry cleaning methods such as sweeping, using an air hose or even a leaf blower, then apply.

Breaches in an epoxy coating are labor intensive and will involve a large area outside the breach to be included in the repair. Rust Bullet rarely experiences a breach, but when they do occur, are easily repaired with simple scuffing and application of additional coat(s) of Rust Bullet.

As this was a DIY project, I was looking for a garage coating that did not involve complicated preparation, such as acid-etching or grinding the concrete, as well as not requiring a two-part mixture, like an epoxy. After some online research I went with Rust Bullet’s DuraGrade product. After a power wash and some simple treatment of a couple of oil stains, we applied two thin coats with a roller and a cut in brush and let it cure for three days. The product had a strong smell going on, but it dissipated quickly. I was incredibly pleased with the results. The color is true to the sample and covered evenly.     Conclusion: Rust Bullet DuraGrade may seem expensive, but it is well worth it.

– Frank R


Recent Testimonials

The great thing about this paint is you can apply it directly on concrete, and acid etching is entirely unnecessary. It offers consistent performance, both indoors and outdoors. I used it on my patio and garage floor, being an outdoor paint also, you might be thinking that it can be damaged due to severe weather. The truth is it is UV- and chemical resistant and retains its effectiveness in harsh weather.


– James Murry.

                                                                                                                                                      New York

Rust Bullet DuraGrade Dog Grooming 4
Rust Bullet DuraGrade Dog Grooming 3
“Thank you Rust Bullet! DuraGrade Concrete
Turquoise was easy to apply, is
extremely durable, and looks great!”
– Kristy A
Cottage Grove Professional Grooming, Inc.

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The Best Ever, looks like a polished floor.

The product is expensive but not really as bad as you might think. I used 5 gallons to apply 4 very thin coats to 819 ft./sq. Worked out to about $1.25 ft./sq. My comments,
1. The material went way farther than I expected, 350 ft./sq. first coat up to 500 ft./sq. finish coat. I laid 4 coats to get the mil’s you need. It dry’s slow at 10% RH in Sparks NV!!
2.You will get solvent bubbles if you do not apply very thin. I used a microfiber 3/8” from Home Depot and it worked great.
3. I prepped the floor with spot degreasing followed by a floor buffer using two 80 grit sanding screens. It took 4 hours of sanding to generate mounds of cement dust. I swept it up, vac it with water, then used the floor buffer with water and a green pad to open up the floor. Sucked it up with a vac. Last step was pressure washer and vac. It was clean.
4. My final comment is it is easier than epoxy, works much better on smoother concrete. What a shine

– M Clark



Case Studies

Rust Bullet Concrete Floor Paint
Application to a concrete floor in Alabama, USA.

Concrete Paint – Shuffleboard on a Concrete Floor in Alabama, USA.