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Rust Bullet Industrial: The Ultimate Rust Preventive Industrial Coating Solution


In the industrial sector, rust and corrosion can cause significant damage to equipment, machinery, and infrastructure. The need for a reliable and effective rust preventive coating is paramount to ensure the longevity and performance of these valuable assets. Rust Bullet Industrial stands out as the best industrial rust preventive coating on the market. Below are some key advantages of Rust Bullet Industrial that make it the top choice for rust prevention in the industrial sector.


Key Advantages of Rust Bullet Industrial:


  • Superior Rust Prevention:

  • Patented two-layer moisture curing urethane (MCU) system specifically designed to counteract corrosion.

  • Provides long-lasting protection, minimizing the need for frequent reapplication.


  • Direct-to-Rust Application:

  • Can be applied directly onto rusted surfaces, eliminating the need for labor-intensive sanding, grinding, or blasting.

  • Suitable for clean, bare metal as well, providing versatile protection for various industrial assets.


  • Exceptional Adhesion and Durability:

  • UV, scratch, chip, and unequalled chemical resistance.

  • Rust Bullet, rust paint coatings also effectively encapsulate mold.

  • Offers exceptional weather resistance in all climates and below sea water.


  • Fire-Retardant Properties:

  • Rust Bullet is a top performer of Fire-Retardant Coatings in ASTM E84-04 Test for surface burning characteristics of building materials.


  • EPA Compliant and Environmentally Friendly:

  • As a coating, Rust Bullet meets (EPA) Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Standards.

  • Rust Bullet, rust inhibitor coatings contain no lead, no zinc, no acids, and no heavy metals.



  • Versatile and All-in-One Solution:

  • Rust Bullet anti-rust paint is a metal primer, industrial-grade rust treatment, and topcoat all in one product.


  • Widely Specified by Professionals:

  • Rust Bullet products are frequently specified by architects, engineers, and surveyors to solve rust and corrosion problems in structures and machinery, whether industrial, marine, or agricultural.



In Summary:

Rust Bullet Industrial is the best industrial coating on the market due to its superior rust prevention, direct-to-rust application, exceptional adhesion and durability, fire-retardant properties, EPA compliance, environmentally friendly formulation, versatile all-in-one solution, and widespread professional endorsement. By choosing Rust Bullet Industrial, you can ensure the protection and longevity of your industrial equipment, machinery, and infrastructure while promoting environmental sustainability and reducing maintenance costs.

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Recent Testimonials

Rust Bullet Fuel Tanks

We used two different rust “converter “products on steel fuel tanks 3 years ago. At same time nearby I used your Rust Bullet rust inhibitor. Had a new job taking back to those sites. Was surprised the tanks treated with the converter products and top coated looked as bad as they first did 3 years ago. Sites are in a constant fog and marine air environment. The tanks I used Rust Bullet on and used the same topcoat only had about a 5 percent surface area needing rework. Obviously used RB exclusively as new under coats. Lesson learned do not waste money on Converter products.

– Karl L.

Rust Bullet Industrial Piping

This rust inhibitor is easy to apply, just like regular paint, and it dries fast. With just one application, it forms a thick layer that would be difficult to penetrate by air, water, or other fluid elements. Obviously, I am not able to review durability, since it was just applied, but I believe it will be well beyond the two years that other products tend to last. The higher cost, compared to other products, is fully justified because of superior quality.

– Jose T.