Awarded Two United States Patents

Rust Bullet Industrial – Rust Inhibitor Paint, Industrial Strength Protective Coating, UV Resistant – No Topcoat Needed – Metallic Grey


  • Rust Bullet, rust inhibitor coatings have been awarded an unprecedented two Patents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Never before has the U.S.P.T.O issued two patents for two new technologies to one rust / corrosion inhibitor, rust treatment paint and anti-rust coating.

  • Extensive scientific testing against the market leaders confirms Rust Bullet is unsurpassed in the control of rust and corrosion and establishes it as the leading rust paint and anti-rust coating.

  • Applies directly over rusted and new clean metal and protects concrete, wood, fiberglass, and many other materials.

  • Rust Bullet, rust inhibitor coatings are single component (no mixing) products requiring minimum surface preparation to apply saving time and labor costs.

  • As a coating, Rust Bullet meets (EPA) Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Standards.

  • UV, scratch, chip, and unequalled chemical resistance. Rust Bullet, rust paint coatings also effectively encapsulate mold.

  • Rust Bullet is also a top performer of Fire-Retardant Coatings in ASTM E84-04 Test for surface burning characteristics of building materials.

  • ECO Friendly- Rust Bullet, rust inhibitor coatings contains no Lead, no Zinc, no acids, and no heavy metals.

  • Rust Bullet, rust treatment paint offers exceptional weather resistance in all climates and below sea water.

  • Rust Bullet anti rust paint is a metal primer as well as an industrial grade rust treatment and topcoat all in one product.

  • Rust Bullet products are frequently specified by architects, engineers, and surveyors to solve rust and corrosion problems in structures and machinery whether Industrial, Marine or Agricultural.

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Recent Testimonials

Rust Bullet Fuel Tanks

We used two different rust “converter “products on steel fuel tanks 3 years ago. At same time nearby I used your Rust Bullet rust inhibitor. Had a new job taking back to those sites. Was surprised the tanks treated with the converter products and top coated looked as bad as they first did 3 years ago. Sites are in a constant fog and marine air environment. The tanks I used Rust Bullet on and used the same topcoat only had about a 5 percent surface area needing rework. Obviously used RB exclusively as new under coats. Lesson learned do not waste money on Converter products.

– Karl L.

Rust Bullet Industrial Piping

This rust inhibitor is easy to apply, just like regular paint, and it dries fast. With just one application, it forms a thick layer that would be difficult to penetrate by air, water, or other fluid elements. Obviously, I am not able to review durability, since it was just applied, but I believe it will be well beyond the two years that other products tend to last. The higher cost, compared to other products, is fully justified because of superior quality.

– Jose T.