ProPlus Rust Inhibitor

Rust Bullet Pro Plus

Professional Grade ProPLUS Rust Inhibitor Coating

  • ProPLUS Rust Inhibitor Paint Factory Direct Pricing Twice the Quality Half the Price
  • Little or No Surface Preparation Required. Awarded Two United States Patents
  • Paints Directly Over Rusted and Clean Metal UV Resistant Won’t Fade or Crack
  • Easy to Apply and Maintain. Topcoat paint Optional
  • Brush, roll, or spray on. Low VOC Formula 50 states and South Coast Air Quality Management District compliant
  • Covers approximately 300 square feet, per gallon, per coat, depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate. A minimum two coat application is required.

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ProPlus Product Information

ProPLUS is a low VOC variant of our Industrial and Automotive products that is designed to give excellent performance while containing under 100 VOCs g/l. ProPLUS is a thinner product designed primarily for consumer use and has half the warranty of Automotive.

You can spray ProPlus (Rust Bullet) requiring no Thinners, with an Automotive HVLP spray equipment using a 1.7 to 2.0 tip with 40-60 psi, or Airless Spray Gun. The application equipment should be cleaned with Rust Bullet Solvent immediately after use. If Rust Bullet Solvent is unavailable in your area, Xylene, Toluene or Acetone may be used.