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Testing and Certifications

Rust Bullet has undergone many lab tests and recieved multiple certifications.
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Recent Testimonials

It’s the best rust/control product we have found. Don’t know the actual amount which we have procured in the last 6 months, but we are using it exclusively and in a pretty high volume. The reason for my earlier request was to get enough information from your company to send off our depot to our customers I.e. Tank Automotive Command(TACOM) , Army Reserve Headquarter, Arm National Guard Bureau, etc. to authorize use of your product. Many of the tactical (wheeled vehicle) programs which we repair at the depot are funded by these customers and are repaired in accordance with a scope of work(SOW). The use of Rust Bullet in now incorporated in many of these SOW’s.

– Jimmy M. – Tank Automotive Command, Red River Army Depot

We use Rust Bullet here on the USS Lake Erie. I don’t use it personally, but the guys I get it for say it’s the best corrosion preventative out there, and that it makes their jobs a lot easier. It is a bit of a hassle to obtain, I wish they would assign it an NSN and carry it at our normal supply sources.

– Cameron C. – United States Navy Storekeeper 2nd Rank