Awarded Two United States Patents

Rust Bullet Industrial is a versatile and durable rust paint coating that has become the recommended choice for most government applications. Here are some reasons why:


Key Advantages of Rust Bullet Industrial:


  • Superior Rust Prevention: Patented two-layer moisture curing urethane (MCU) system specifically designed to counteract corrosion

  • Provides long-lasting protection, minimizing the need for frequent reapplication


  • UV resistance: Rust Bullet Industrial has superior UV resistance, which means it can withstand exposure to sunlight without deteriorating or fading.


  • Scratch resistance: Rust Bullet Industrial is also highly scratch-resistant, making it ideal for use in environments where there is heavy machinery or equipment that can cause scratches and abrasions.


  • Chip resistance: In addition, Rust Bullet Industrial is resistant to chipping, which means it can stand up to impacts from debris and other materials.


  • Chemical resistance: Rust Bullet Industrial has unequalled chemical resistance, making it ideal for use in environments where there are harsh chemicals or acids present.


  • Mold encapsulation: Rust Bullet, rust paint coatings also effectively encapsulate mold, which means it can prevent the growth of mold and protect against its harmful effects.


  • Fire-retardant: Rust Bullet Industrial is a top performer of Fire-Retardant Coatings in ASTM E84-04 Test for surface burning characteristics of building materials, which means it can help prevent fires from spreading.


  • Eco-friendly: Rust Bullet Industrial is an eco-friendly option as it contains no Lead, no Zinc, no acids, and no heavy metals.



  • Weather resistance: Rust Bullet Industrial offers exceptional weather resistance in all climates, including below sea water. This makes it ideal for use in marine environments, where corrosion and rust can be particularly problematic.


  • Government use: Rust Bullet Industrial has been approved for use on US warships and by the Tank Automotive Command (TACOM), Air Route Surveillance Radars, and United States Army Air Traffic Control Towers.


In Summary:

  • Rust Bullet Industrial is the recommended choice for most government applications due to its exceptional performance in areas such as UV, scratch, chip, and chemical resistance, mold encapsulation, fire-retardant properties, eco-friendliness, and weather resistance. Its use on US warships and by other government agencies is a testament to its effectiveness and durability.


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Testing and Certifications

Rust Bullet Laboratory
Rust Bullet has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and received multiple certifications.
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USS Abraham Lincoln Actual Rust Bullet User

Rust Bullet USS Abraham Lincoln

USS Harry S. Truman Actual Rust Bullet User

Rust Bullet Marine USS Harry S. Truman

USS Lake Erie Actual Rust Bullet User

Rust Bullet USS Lake Erie

Recent Testimonials

Rust Bullet Red River Army DepotIt is the best rust/control product we have found. Do not know the actual amount which we have procured in the last 6 months, but we are using it exclusively and in a pretty high volume. The reason for my earlier request was to get enough information from your company to send off our depot to our customers I.e., Tank Automotive Command (TACOM), Army Reserve Headquarter, Arm National Guard Bureau, etc. to authorize use of your product. Many of the tactical (wheeled vehicle) programs which we repair at the depot are funded by these customers and are repaired in accordance with a scope of work (SOW). The use of Rust Bullet in now incorporated in many of these SOW’s.”


– Jimmy M. – Tank Automotive Command, Red River Army Depot

Rust Bullet Marine USS Lake Erie

“We use Rust Bullet here on the USS Lake Erie. I do not use it personally, but the guys I get it for say it is the best corrosion preventative out there, and that it makes their jobs a lot easier. It is a bit of a hassle to obtain, I wish they would assign it an NSN and carry it at our normal supply sources.”


– Cameron C. – United States Navy Storekeeper 2nd Rank

Rust Bullet Military Vehicle Before

Rust Bullet Military Vehicle After

“I thought you might like to see what our finished product looks like. I have also attached a picture of the truck with the first cost of Rust Bullet applied.”

“Thanks for the great service and great product!”

Matt Thompson
Production Manager

Armored Tactical Vehicles, USA

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Application to Air Route

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– The Air Route Surveillance Radar is used by
the United States Air Force and the Federal
Aviation Administration to control airspace
within and around the borders of
the United States.