What is the proper storage & handling of Rust Bullet Products?

Care should be taken to ensure that previously opened containers or left-over partial containers are kept sealed during storage. Rust Bullet coatings are moisture sensitive; limit the time the container is opened. During application, pour out the portion you will use in approximately one hour and reseal the lid as soon as possible. Immediately wipe clean any Rust Bullet from the rim of the container and reseal. This should be done every time you use Rust Bullet and in between coats. Never pour back into the original container any Rust Bullet coating that has been exposed to the outside air for any length of time because it will destroy the remaining product. The shelf life of Rust Bullet coatings is at least two years for unopened containers and approximately one month for containers that have been opened. Product storage temperature range is 33°F to 120°F. Rust Bullet is a specialized moisture sensitive product; containers that have been opened should be used within in a few months for proper coating performance. Rust Bullet Coatings improperly stored or stored beyond the recommended shelf life, opened or unopened are not eligible for the product return policy as published by Rust Bullet, LLC. You may use Bloxygen to preserve Rust Bullet Coatings up to 6 months. Bloxygen is an inert Argon gas that can be floated over the top of the unused portion of the Rust Bullet Coatings just prior to properly resealing the lid. This will displacing the oxygen and provide a much longer storage life for unused portions of previously opened containers.