Choosing the right industrial coating for your project can be a daunting task, given the numerous options available in the market. While some coatings may promise optimal performance in preventing corrosion and decay, not all of them deliver on their promises or provide an appealing appearance.
Rust Bullet is different. Our high-quality industrial coating products not only provide rust protection but also deliver a beautiful finish.

Importance of Choosing A High-Quality Coating

High-quality industrial coatings will enhance your structure’s external appearance and extend its lifespan. When it comes to metal and concrete surfaces, you can’t go wrong with polyurethane coatings like Rust Bullet. Our product is proven better than elastomeric ones with flexible properties. Our patented formula boasts excellent adhesive properties while adding exceptional impact and abrasion resistance to your structure.

Be Confident In Your Structure’s Longevity.

Industrial coating is typically subject to three types of exposure: underground, immersion, and atmospheric. Coatings subject to atmospheric exposure must withstand various conditions, such as wetting, drying, heating, oxidation, and cooling. Immersion coatings are often exposed to liquids like water and chemicals. Meanwhile, industrial coatings in underground applications must resist soil and groundwater forces, so they are thicker than immersion and atmospheric coatings.

Rust Bullet Coatings are proven in all three environments. Our Industrial Low VOC and Professional-Grade Industrial Formula show excellent properties like thermal stability, waterproofing, UV resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. Plus, they are more flexible than elastomeric and epoxy coatings.

Better Than Epoxy Coatings

Rust Bullet does not require a base coat, a primer, or any catalyst to cure. It can cure up to 80% quicker, with our Rapid-Fire Accelerator. That said, you can still apply a topcoat within 12 hours after your final coat application. Unlike epoxy coatings that cure in 7 to 10 days, Rust Bullet only takes 72 hours to cure.

Time to Switch to Better Industrial Coatings

Here at Rust Bullet, we offer the perfect industrial coating solutions to meet your unique requirements. Discover the difference by ordering our coatings today.