This info-graphic titled 7 things to put on rust to stop it’ provides us some common methods to prevent industrial rust.

We often think of rust as primarily affecting iron alloys which are subjected to the elements such as oxygen and water. Car frames, sheets of metal, and metal fixtures on objects like telephone poles are primarily examples of products that reinforce the view. Nevertheless, even equipment that’s never been outdoors can rust when exposed to certain conditions. Using stainless steel that shuns oxygen and moisture induced corrosion can prevent the damage, but the best way to counter-check rust is to create a work environment that doesn’t promote rust.

Whenever your industrial equipment experiences rust, you have two major alternatives for removing the unsightly chemical reaction:

  1. Applying an industrial rust removal mixture to a rusted area. This causes rust to flow away and leave the underlying metal rust-free.
  2. Manual rust removal. This is usually done when rust progresses past the surface layer to a depth that makes rust removal solvent an inefficient option. There are several techniques performed manually to get rid of accumulated rust swiftly.

For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.

[Infographic] 7 Things to Put on Rust to Stop it

[Infographic] 7 Things to Put on Rust to Stop it