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DuraGrade CONCRETE – Blue

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Blue concrete paint: Highly effective topcoat for heavily trafficked areas


Have you ever visited a public building, warehouse or office block, and looked at the walls or down at the concrete floors and wondered: Pity…it’s such a nice white surfaces they have here – but not very well maintained! Wonder why some floors and surfaces look more worn-off than others, even though they may be of the same vintage and construction? It’s the choice of paint – and blue concrete paint can help make all the difference.

Blue concrete paint versus the other treatments

It’s a fact that darker shades are more effective at preventing the ambiance of concrete structures. Lighter shades, like beige or white, may be great for aesthetic reasons. But when it comes to practical industrial and commercial applications, there’s a limit to lighter colours:

  • Firstly, they get dirty much quicker than darker shades, like blue
  • And once messed up, lighter shades seem to accentuate dirt and grime, making heavily trafficked floors, walls and other concrete surfaces look worse than they typically are
  • Substrate, coated in conventional light colors, exhibit broad signs of cracking and corrosion

A corrosion prevention blue concrete paint, on the other hand, helps to do three things. First, and the most obvious, is that its darker shade helps masks blemishes, dirt and grime. Why is that such a useful thing? Well, because you then don’t require as robust a cleaning and maintenance regimen to make your property look clean and well-kept. The result: Less time and maintenance cost.

Second, and the most important, is that blue paints like the Rust Bullet DuraGrade Blue, come with added rust and corrosion-prevention properties. Their built-in formula creates a protective coating across any substrate where applied. This then isolates concrete from external corrosion creating forces, including water vapor, moisture, dampness and air.

And last, but not least, the compounds used in DuraGrade Blue act as a natural barrier against typically corrosive substances, like harsh chemicals and road salts. While conventional paints tend to peel off, dry and fall off the surface, DuraGrade Blue is super adhesive and remains in place for a longer time than traditional corrosion protection paints.


Bringing it all together

One clear advantage of using specialized corrosion prevention technologies, like a high quality blue concrete paint, over traditionally formulated paint solutions, is that they deliver single-product application convenience. This feature is especially effective in heavily trafficked areas that are subject to friction from forklifts, hand trucks, rolling ladders and pallet jacks.

You do not require to pre-treat industrial and commercial concrete assets with primers or undercoats. These new age paint solutions bring undercoating, primer and top coating functionality together to deliver a unified corrosion prevention solution.

But what about follow-up treatments for concrete structures exposed to the harsh realities of the weather? Well, DuraGrade Blue has several characteristics which address that issue head on. It is chemical resistant, chip resistant and peel resistant, which makes it especially hardy against low or high indoor or temperatures. And, its UV resistant qualities offer long-term protection against sunlight and scorching heat.

Finally, DuraGrade Blue works exceptionally well in harsh desert-like climes, where high winds whip up corrosive sand storms that launch a barrage of abrasive sand against concrete structures. The blue concrete paint acts as an outer shield that protects the structure from sustained winds, reducing the need for more frequent re-painting over time.