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DuraGrade CONCRETE – Lilac

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Purple concrete paint: Practical for both DIY or professional applications

Concrete floors are typically notorious for accentuating the impact of dirt, grime and cracks. The issue gets even more challenging for floors made from a lighter material – such as cement or lightly colored top coatings. Even the slightest degree of stress or heavy use has serious repercussions. The blemishes stand out like a sore thumb!

One efficient and cost-effective approach to dealing with those challenges is to use the RustBullet DuraGrade purple concrete paint.

Why choose a concrete paint

The question is, with carpets, rugs, laminate and hardwood flooring available for most residential, commercial and industrial use, why would anyone choose paint as their option of choice? Well, the reasons are many and as varied as they are practical:


  • Firstly, if there’s an overly large and heavy trafficked area on your property – like a family room or a warehouse floor, top-covering (like rugs or carpets) might not be practical. Plus, with constant traffic, they’ll likely ware and tear quickly and easily
  • Secondly, installing hard surfaces – like hardwood and laminate – to cover blemishes or scruffs on concrete floors might not be as cost effective as you may think. Some of these artificial flooring options can run into the thousands of dollars
  • Thirdly, using top covers, like carpets and rugs, comes with a huge maintenance overhead. And if your concrete floor sees movement of heavy objects – like dollies, skids and trolleys filled with supplies, then your maintenance bills are likely to be astronomical

Most importantly though, is the practicality of using purple concrete paint. A dark color, like lilac or purple, is ideal for application on concrete surfaces where there is a high likelihood of spills, stains and surface defacing. Consider, for instance, a warehouse floor or the floor of your home workshop. Both locations are prone to surface friction – whether it be as a result of wheelbarrows moving across the floor or caused by home tools.

The use of a purple paint is the ideal solution to address issues in both locations. Even if scratches and cracks develop – out of normal course action – the dark color acts as a natural shield that hides those glaring floor blemishes. If you had carpers or rugs on those floors, or if you used a lighter color paint, they would be glaring with grease spots, scruff streaks or visible tears in the fabric.


How DuraGrade helps

The DuraGrade includes a high-performance single-part moisture cured polyurethane range of coatings, that bring one unique feature to any painting project: You don’t need to mix it with primers or under coatings – unlike you do when using epoxy.  The DuraGrade purple concrete paint is therefore the ideal single-product solution for any type of concrete substrate.

Once applied to the surface, exposure to the environment initiates a chemical process that helps seal out moisture and air from the surface. This means that concrete floors treated with these paints, not only look better, despite heavy traffic and stress they endure daily, but they also inherit rust and corrosion protection qualities, which are built-into DuraGrade.