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DuraGrade CONCRETE – Beige

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Best concrete paints to prevent corrosion: Being proactive helps forestall longer-term damage

Three conditions are essential for corrosion and rusting to take hold on a surface. There must be water or moisture present on or around the area. Exposure of the substrate to air or other sources of oxygen. And finally, a source of ions. When these three villains get together, they conspire in a chemical reaction that results in corrosion. And not even concrete infrastructure, asphalt floors and cement structures are safe.

Using the best concrete paints to prevent corrosion is the best strategy to keep corrosion at bay!

Why concrete corrosion prevention is necessary

Concrete is immune to corrosion, right – that (corrosion) only happens with iron and steel and other metallic structures – correct? WRONG!

According to Portland Cement Association (, an institution dedicated to research, education, policy advice and market intelligence for America’s cement manufacturers, “Corrosion of reinforcing steel and other embedded metals is the leading cause of deterioration in concrete.” So, why does this matter to owners of concrete infrastructure, like warehouses, sidewalks, driveways, roads and bridges?

Well, without getting too technical about it, the deteriorating state of embedded steel and metal in those structures poses an existential threat to the assets.  If left unchecked, the situation can weaken the assets and compromise their structural integrity.  Eventually, signs of that degradation appear as spalling, delamination and cracking in the concrete.

Without proactive steps to deal with concrete corrosion, the resulting situation may not just impact your business, but in some cases – as with public infrastructure like bridges and roads – lives may be at risk.


Dealing with concrete corrosion

The most practical way to keep corrosion at bay on concrete substrate is by deploying best concrete paints to prevent corrosion in the battle against corrosion. Products, like Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete, do just that. Once applied on a surface, these paints adhere to the surface and form a non-porous top layer. When exposed to the environment, the layer hardens and grows even stronger with time.


Concrete assets and infrastructure treated with DuraGrade Concrete fight the effects of corrosion better than those painted with other coatings and paints. By completely sealing concrete surfaces, and blocking off all porous points on it, the product shields the substrate against the three villains – moisture and water vapor, oxygen and ions.

Being a single-product tool against concrete corrosion, DuraGrade Concrete doesn’t require advance surface prep work either. Nor does it require a primer, basecoat or topcoat to work. It is literally a single-product application that is suitable for indoor or outdoor concrete infrastructure.

Unlike most other corrosion prevention and protection solutions, using the best concrete paints to prevent corrosion delivers longer-term benefits too, compared to many competitor products in the space. For instance, Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete offers a chip-proof and peel resistant solution that’s impervious to chemicals and road salt as well as the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. What that means is your corrosion protective shield lasts a lot longer than other products out there, making DuraGrade Concrete a more cost-effective all-in-one corrosion prevention solution.